We are live with the Docusign Spring ‘18 Release!

Agreements are everywhere. In fact, I bet you can easily identify at least one area where you can digitize existing paper-based processes. Even if you’re the boss and the only employee of your one-person business or maybe you’re the administrator tasked with leading the digital transformation at a large enterprise, we can fit your need. And with the Docusign Spring ‘18 Release, we have a host of functionalities you can utilize no matter how large or small your business is that continues to deliver on our four key pillars -- providing exceptional user experience, expanding into international market, delivering for partners, and empowering industries. Here are this quarter’s latest innovations available now, unless otherwise noted below.

To support our global motion, we are making some ongoing changes to our platform to adhere to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect on May 25, 2018. Docusign is taking this regulation seriously, and we’re making the necessary steps to demonstrate our compliance so you can feel confident that your data and private information is secure. Not only that, but as a customer of Docusign, we can actually help you too enhance your own GDPR compliance. We’ve already seen a number of organizations do this. Two areas you may benefit from are using Docusign’s Bulk Send or Powerforms features to capture and obtain consent, and Retrieve and Reporting capabilities to store and use your customer’s data in a way that can be managed and audited. Secondly, we can also help organizations re-procure their vendors and suppliers to ensure their contract’s data is being appropriately held. This way Docusign makes consent easy to demonstrate and be audited on. Rest assured, we’ll be ready for the May 25 date. And for more info, check out our webpage.

For organizations who have high volume use cases, Bulk Send and Powerforms have been long time feature favorites from thousands of Docusign customers. That’s because they allow you to collect signatures and important data from a mass amount of people in a few easy steps. But this quarter, we made additional enhancements you’ve been specifically asking for. For Bulk Send, when you want to send out a document to a large quantity of people, we will support multiple recipients and recipient types in April. Meaning you can have Jerry the hiring manager sign the offer letter, Katie from HR receiving a copy, and Lydia from Finance view that the offer letter was signed by the new hire, Albert. Also in April, with Powerforms, we’re making these self-service forms accessible via a URL more visible in the New Docusign Experience. In the yellow bar drop down menu, in addition to the “Upload a Document” and “Use a Template” options, we’re adding “Use a Powerform” to help you eliminate document preparation time. Not to mention, once the Powerform collects responses, you can easily access that information by downloading the data from the Powerform.

For those that are individuals users or in the small-to-medium business space, we launched a Docusign for Gmail add-on to make it easier than ever to sign and send email attachments, without leaving your inbox. Gmail users can select multiple attachments from an email message and send and sign from any browser. And we can’t forget our Docusign for Salesforce users -- this month we added Custom Buttons, which provides a modern "clicks, not code" option that allows users to adapt more quickly to changing business requirements, increase productivity via enhanced automation, and accelerate business processes. More info, in the guide. Plus, we’re adding a Salesforce CPQ extension in April that enables Docusign for Salesforce users to send with Docusign directly from the Salesforce CPQ app, creating a seamless process for configuring, pricing, quoting, and collection signature. These have been big customer asks so let us know the results they deliver!

And lastly, specifically for the Real Estate industry, in a few weeks, we are releasing an important feature to real estate professionals called Strikethrough. For those who need to strikethrough text and clauses on standard agreements can now use the new Line tag within Docusign to modify and prepare documents quickly. Therefore, if a real estate broker disagrees or wants to dismiss a sentence in an agreement, they can simply place a line through the text before sending off for signature to the client. Easy and straightforward, but critical to the Real Estate industry. More info in the Support article here.

As always, to learn more about the latest capabilities, take a look at the Release Notes.

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