Learning Paths to Transform Agreements in Higher Education

From admissions to financial aid to hiring faculty and staff, agreements are everywhere within higher education. For many institutions, it’s a heavily manual process and differs between departments. However, by eliminating paper with the Docusign Agreement Cloud, institutions are enabled with the tools they need to connect and automate their systems of agreement—ultimately decreasing errors, saving resources, and improving customer, faculty, and alumni experience. 

However, in order to optimize the success of your digital transformation with Docusign, learning is critical. Luckily Docusign University is here to help. Our industry-specific learning paths arm both users and admins with the skills they need to accelerate deployment and drive agreement transformation for your college or university.  

1. Get to know your Docusign account

Before jumping right into industry-specific enablement, we recommend watching a quick two-minute account tour video and reviewing valuable resources within our Docusign eSignature Admin onboarding guide to get acquainted with your account. Not an admin? We recommend starting with our new user onboarding guide to learn more about getting started.

2. Explore industry learning paths

Whether you’re an admin or an end-user, our Docusign for Higher Education learning path of self-paced courses is foundational to your adoption. These courses are designed to build the industry-expertise you need to deploy and expand common industry use cases, such as admissions and financial aid applications, and to boost return on investment. Content covers wide-ranging Docusign eSignature functionality including PowerForms, bulk send, conditional routing, document visibility, and more.

3. Deepen your Agreement Cloud skills

Continue to build expertise through Docusign University’s live deep-dive courses led by experienced Docusign University instructors. Higher education institutions that digitize their processes have seen enrollment turnaround time decrease by up to 75%. Help your institution stay ahead of the curve by enrolling in hands-on training that builds  skills in these key areas:

4. Become a Specialist

Earn digital badges and showcase your expertise by passing specialist exams offered through the Docusign Expertise Recognition Program. Docusign University courses help you develop the skills and Agreement Cloud product knowledge needed to pass these exams, which will benefit your institution. Members of the higher education community have found it useful to earn the following badges: 

  • Docusign eSignature Administration Specialist
  • Docusign eSignature Template Specialist
  • Docusign Agreement Cloud Specialist

You can share your new knowledge and achievement with peers and employers by showcasing your badges on social media, and carry this expertise with you throughout your career. 

5. Integrate everywhere

As you look to expand beyond simple eSignature solutions, exploring vertical, departmental, and functionality-specific content on the Knowledge Market will help your institution identify other areas for agreement transformation. From industry and departmental playbooks to best practices for using specific features—such as bulk send and identity verification—you’ll find valuable resources that will help you unlock the power of the platform to transform agreements in other areas of your business.   

Now that you know the impacts of continued learning and all the ways in which you can build your Docusign expertise, sign up and/or log in to your Docusign University account today!

Already a Docusign Customer? Log into the Docusign Knowledge Market and download our Higher Education Learning Path Guide.