Just in time for Summer: More business features for Docusign for G Suite!

Last year, we released Docusign for Google 4.1, with three new features for our business and enterprise users: Google Drive Custom Save Options, Team Drives support and Google Identity Single Sign-On Support. To learn how these new features can save even more time and increase productivity for you and your business, read on.

Google Drive Custom Save Options

We've heard that you love how Docusign for G Suite automatically saves copies of your signed documents back to Google Drive, however you asked for more control over where and how those documents are saved. With this release, you can now customize the file name and folder where signed documents are saved.

You can now organize and save signed documents in Google Drive, whether you're a sales team saving signed contracts to a shared 'Signed Contracts' folder, or HR managers savings new hire paperwork for each employee to a dedicated employee folder. Drive Custom Save Options are supported in our G Suite integrations for both Google Drive and Google Docs.

Note: Google Drive Custom Save Location is only available to Docusign accounts with a paid Standard subscription or higher.

Sign from Google Team Drives

There are plenty of reasons to use to use G Suite's recently launched Team Drives, and the latest is that they're supported in Docusign for G Suite! Team Drives are shared drives, owned at the domain or organization level that drastically simplify the distribution and management of shared files and folders.

Team Drives users can now right-click on any document in a Team Drive to start sending or signing from Docusign.

Current users of Docusign for G Suite (Google Drive and Docs), can start using both of these features and more today. For G Suite users who still haven't used Docusign for G Suite, install it for free from the G Suite Marketplace today!

As an additional option, G Suite customers can now use Google Identity as their Single-Sign On solution with Docusign. Call your Docusign sales representative or support for more information!

Have a great summer, and keep sending us your feedback!

All the best,

Marshall Nam and the Docusign for G Suite team


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