It’s time to modernize the clickwrap experience

We’ve all done it at some point. We’ve checked the box on a signup form that says we agree to a company’s privacy policy, or we’ve scrolled to the end of a terms-and-conditions page and clicked the “I accept” button. Companies have been using—and people have been accepting—these standard “clickwrap” agreements for years now. The process seems simple enough. One click, and you’re done, right? Maybe that’s the case for customers. But for companies, clickwraps are more complex, incurring needless risks and costs.

Clickwraps are legal agreements. If challenged in a court of law, the burden is firmly on companies to prove that we actually consented to the terms in those agreements. That means clickwraps need to be prominently displayed, easy to read and use, and compliant with relevant regulations—while clearly documenting affirmative consent. Accomplishing all that without blowing your budget or undermining the overall customer experience has been a challenge, traditionally.

Most companies build their own clickwrap solutions using web forms, only to end up delivering a poor user experience, little to no agreement evidence, and inadequate functionality. They spend way more time, money, and manpower than anticipated on development and maintenance—and still find themselves facing legal disputes and unnecessary risk over enforceability. If that scenario sounds all too familiar, Docusign Click is for you.


Introducing Docusign Click

Docusign Click is our new, easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy clickwrap solution, now available as one of the integrated applications in the Docusign Agreement Cloud. Click lets you capture customer consent to standard terms while making the entire agreement process more transparent and assured. Click delivers on the promise of a modern clickwrap solution, with fast and easy deployment, lower costs, less risk, and better experiences for both customers and companies. Here are just a few of the many reasons why we’re so excited about Click...


Clear consent and evidence

As business becomes more digital, it brings new types and levels of legal, financial, and reputational risk that few companies can afford to ignore. If your clickwrap agreements aren’t easy to read or understand, or if the acceptance process isn’t clear, you risk disputes over enforceability, hefty fines for compliance violations, and loss of customer trust. With Click, you can customize the clickwrap layout—Click gives you multiple display and acceptance options—to deliver an intuitive user experience while meeting specific compliance requirements. You can even require users to view or read through the entire agreement before accepting and, once they do, let them choose how they want to receive and retain a copy for their records.

And, as with Docusign eSignature, Click gives you a complete audit trail in the Certificate of Completion, which includes date, time, and other critical information that captures affirmative consent. This is where Click really shines, compared to other solutions. The detailed evidence Click delivers lets you readily demonstrate compliance with ESIGN, eIDAS, and other legal standards in a court of law.


Quick, easy deployment

Getting your clickwrap up and running is just as easy as configuring the layout. Once your clickwrap is set up, simply hit the “Get Code” button. Click automatically generates a code snippet to embed in your websites, portals, or mobile apps. All you have to do is copy and paste the snippet into your HTML, and then your clickwrap is ready to use. What could be easier than that? How about this: Even if you edit your clickwrap agreement or upload a new version in Click—more on that below—you don’t have to edit the HTML code you already have in place. That same code will automatically display the latest version of your agreement terms for customers to accept. Your IT and development teams will thank you for not asking them for one more thing.


Automatic version control

Your legal team will thank you, too. Click automatically stores all completed clickwrap agreements in one centralized, secure place and offers powerful search capabilities to keep tabs on exactly who has agreed to what and when. That’s important, because change happens. Agreement terms are always being updated—every time a new product comes out, or whenever a new law or policy is enacted. How do you keep consent current with the latest set of terms? Click’s got you covered. From editing the actual agreement verbiage to obtaining updated customer consent and documenting it all, Click makes it easy.


And for eSignature admins…

If you’re already using Docusign eSignature, you’ll love the fact that Click becomes just another tab in your Docusign user interface. Next to the “Envelopes” tab, you’ll see “Clickwraps.” That means you can bring a variety of agreements under one roof, creating a single customer view of legal obligations, risk and compliance. And, since Click and eSignature are built on the same platform, you’ll enjoy the same availability, reliability, and trust that you know and expect from Docusign.

There’s more to love about Click. Watch the 2-minute video demo and download the datasheet. You’ll see just how easy Click makes clickwraps, for companies as well as customers.