Inspiring Stories of Transformation

Woman smiling - Text: Inspiring Stories of Transformation

Change is constant. How we adapt isn’t. That’s true for our personal and professional lives—it’s part of the human experience.

No matter the cause of the change, the success outcome is largely measured by how well we react and respond to it. I know now that even the most challenging and difficult situations can bring out the best in us, spurring our creativity and strengthening our commitment to continuous improvement. And those who make changes that positively impact others are, often unknowingly, the heroes of someone else’s story.

Not all heroes wear capes

Heroes show up in all types of circumstances and in all shapes and sizes. Generally, a hero is someone who’s done something admirable and impactful that improves the lives of others. Some of those things are small acts or interactions that can go unnoticed, especially in the business environment.

We’re seeking to change that.

Docusign is celebrating the stories of people who’ve had to rethink and change the way work gets done. It takes courage and a bit of fearlessness to embrace change, reimagine a new way and then bring everyone together in agreement. And that’s only half the battle: you also have to be committed to keeping that positive change moving forward, continuously evaluating and improving.

My role at Docusign allows me to spend a lot of time with customers, and I’ve been fortunate to witness many of these stories first-hand over the last two years. I’d like to share a couple here, and encourage you to read each of them in more detail. We hope this will help you think of someone you know who has a hero story worth celebrating. If so, we’d love for you to nominate them here.

Real stories of real change


Meet David. He’s VP of strategic development at Dilawri, Canada’s largest automotive dealer group. Anyone who’s purchased a car knows it can be a time-consuming experience. Think of all the comparisons, test drives and forms to complete and sign. Now imagine having to do all that remotely. Seems impossible—but not for David and Dilawri.

Through a mixture of e-signature technology and remote payment tools, David helped all of Dilawri’s dealers continue to operate during the lockdown. Even better, their customers have shown a continued preference for the convenience of remote transactions, so there’s no U-turn in sight on their journey to full digital transformation.


Here’s Tracy. She works as an information systems analyst for Louisville Metro Government. While change can happen in government, it’s typically an incremental and slower-paced process. Thankfully, Tracy excels at embracing and driving positive change.

For Kentucky’s largest city, “Paper-free by 2023” isn’t just a catchy slogan. It’s Louisville’s plan to be more sustainable in their operations; reducing paper waste is a huge component. But while that effort was the initial driver, the pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation.

Tracy implemented e-signature technology to cut paper waste, which also resulted in substantial cost savings. But the best part happened next: the agency—and people’s lives—were transformed by unexpected productivity gains. And when the pandemic hit, that meant Louisville Metro could focus on positively impactful things like streamlining processes at a mass vaccination site and helping people with utilities and eviction prevention.

Remote, but not alone

The trend toward hybrid and remote work has been clear for well over a decade. But, like other trends, this one was certainly supercharged in the last 18 months. That left many companies, including Docusign, scrambling to support a sudden work-from-anywhere shift. But there are also many companies and individual jobs for which that’s just not possible, each bringing their own challenges and opportunities.

I’m really proud to be part of an organization that helps thousands of people deal with the realities of both situations: working from home and needing to connect with coworkers, vendors, constituents and customers; and working on the frontlines and striving for simple, direct, no-contact experiences.

Like David and Tracy, our customers are innate problem solvers—combining resourcefulness and courage to digitally transform their organizations. The digital-first world is constantly evolving, so we must offer solutions as flexible and adaptable as they are. We’re all together on this journey, progressing toward better, simpler and more engaging experiences. 

That’s why we’re honoring those who grasped the opportunity to improve the way things get done—and who keep driving change and moving forward every day. We’re dedicated to telling the stories of these heroes of change. If you or someone you know has a story to tell, we’d love to hear it.

Docusign Contributor