Increase Productivity with Docusign for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has established itself as the go-to collaboration platform across enterprise organizations. However, while Teams excels at enhancing teamwork and communication, it might not be the ideal solution for handling complex agreements.

This is where Docusign eSignature comes in. Let’s explore the benefits of integrating Docusign and Microsoft Teams and how connecting these two systems can significantly improve your organization’s productivity. 

How Docusign for Microsoft Teams improves productivity

Integrating Docusign directly into Teams positively impacts your organization’s productivity in a few key ways. 

Better collaboration

Microsoft Teams is renowned for its collaboration features, making it a hub for teams to work together seamlessly. But before an agreement can be approved, it needs to be drafted. The agreement drafting process often requires input and collaboration from multiple team members.

Integrating Docusign and Teams accelerates this collaboration. Relevant stakeholders can quickly access and review the same agreement, so there is never a concern about which version has the most up to date information. When the agreement is ready to go, all relevant stakeholders can electronically sign the agreement without leaving Teams. 

Speeding up approval workflows

Imagine you're part of a critical project, and you urgently need approval from multiple team members, some of whom are located in different time zones. Coordinating the signing of agreements becomes a logistical nightmare, leading to delays that threaten to impact the project timeline.

The Docusign integration in Microsoft Teams streamlines this approval workflow. You can create agreements, share them with the relevant parties, and track their progress all within Teams. No more chasing signatures via email or waiting for physical copies to be returned. Your agreements move seamlessly through the signing process, significantly reducing turnaround times.

Efficient time management

Integrating Docusign and Microsoft Teams will help you more efficiently manage your time as well.

When Docusign is integrated with Teams, you'll receive notifications and reminders directly within Teams whenever an action is needed. And because you can access Docusign’s functionality within Teams, you can move between tasks without needing to switch applications.

This functionality is accessible on virtually any device. Whether you're at your desk or on the go, you can efficiently create, manage, and share approvals directly within Teams. This versatility helps you manage your time more effectively and enhances productivity by eliminating the need to get back to your desk in order to sign a document.

Docusign integration is easy to deploy

For IT teams, setting up the Docusign integration for Microsoft Teams requires minimal effort. There's no need to dedicate extensive resources or time on complex configurations. Instead, you can quickly configure the integration and have it up and running in just a few minutes.

The Docusign integration is also included for free when you have licenses for both Docusign and Microsoft Teams. There is no need to go through an additional procurement process to integrate these two systems. You can get started on implementation immediately.

The user-friendly deployment and cost-efficiency of the Docusign and Microsoft Teams integration make it a valuable asset for both IT teams and users. The combination of an easy install and no additional cost amounts to a low barrier to implementation. 

Docusign and Microsoft Teams integration use cases

Let's take a look at some real-world scenarios where Docusign and Microsoft Teams integration can greatly enhance productivity:

Sales and contracts. Sales teams can expedite the contract signing process, sending agreements to internal or external clients for electronic signatures, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

HR and onboarding. HR departments can streamline onboarding processes by enabling new employees to complete and sign paperwork electronically, making the process efficient and paperless.

Legal and compliance. Legal teams can manage legal documents and contracts securely within Teams, ensuring that documents are tracked and signed digitally.

Remote work and mobile access. In a remote work environment, Teams users can access and sign documents from anywhere using Docusign's mobile app, ensuring seamless workflow continuity.

Real estate transactions. Real estate professionals can simplify property transactions by allowing all parties to sign documents remotely, eliminating the need for in-person meetings.

Healthcare and telemedicine. Healthcare providers can streamline patient consent forms and medical records with electronic signatures, making telemedicine appointments more accessible.

Financial services. Financial institutions can securely manage account openings, loan applications, and other financial transactions, all within Microsoft Teams.

Education and student enrollment. Educational institutions can digitize student enrollment and administrative processes, reducing paperwork and manual tasks.

Procurement. Procurement teams can streamline vendor contracts and purchase orders by obtaining signatures within Teams using Docusign.

Customer support and service requests. Customer support teams can expedite service agreements and support requests by allowing customers to sign documents electronically, ensuring a smoother process.

Give your productivity an extra boost with Power Automate

When Microsoft Teams is used with Docusign integrations for Power Automate, it can serve as the central hub for communications and further enhance productivity.

Power Automate can be used to automate document management processes within Teams. For example, you can create a workflow that automatically saves email attachments to a specified Teams channel or folder, ensuring that documents are organized and easily accessible. Power Automate can also generate agreements automatically and streamline post-signature processes.

By harnessing the capabilities of Power Automate in conjunction with the Docusign integration, you can optimize agreement workflows and enhance collaboration and productivity within Microsoft Teams even further.

Enhance productivity with Docusign and Microsoft Teams

The Docusign integration for Microsoft Teams is just one of the Docusign integrations for Microsoft that can have a huge impact on productivity across your organization. To learn more visit our Docusign for Microsoft Teams webpage or to get started, download the free Docusign app for Teams.

Sarah Pease
Director, Partner Marketing
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