How Insurance Professionals Use Electronic Signatures

Agreements are everywhere in the insurance industry, from new business policy applications to claims and servicing requests. However, many processes and systems to obtain these agreements are needlessly slow, costly and cumbersome for both employees and customers.

At the start, potential customers want a quick and easy application experience, with coverage selection forms, payment forms and disclosures delivered right to their inbox. It’s also critical to make these forms easily readable from their mobile devices - this expedites the policy sales process and delivery of documents.

Then as a customer's needs or situation changes across their journey, they need a simple way to submit change requests (e.g. adding beneficiaries/insureds or changing their address). In the event a customer needs to file a claim, they expect urgency and support from their carrier at a key moment that matters.

Electronic signatures can be used to accelerate processes and services across your customers’ journey with your organization. Docusign eSignature provides a faster way for customers to apply for coverage and file claims. Here are the top reasons insurance professionals use electronic signatures in their agreements:

Insurance Policies: Send a Docusign envelope for insurance applications, disclosures and coverage selection forms. Your customers will love the ease of use, and that they can get a copy sent right to their inbox.

Example types of agreements:

  • Applications
  • Disclosures
  • Coverage Selection

Underwriting: You can send many different types of envelopes, from pricing documentation to coverage details and auditing forms. Send each form to multiple people to sign, so you can be more efficient and complete documents quicker.

Example types of agreements:

  • Pricing Documentation
  • Coverage Details 
  • Auditing Forms

Client Experience: Making signing easier for your client is an excellent way to build trust and confidence in your services. Docusign eSignature provides a simple way to collect and update claims information, from requests to dispute notices and exceptions,

Example types of agreements:

  • Claim Requests
  • Dispute Notices
  • Claim Exceptions

Policy Servicing Documentation: You want to provide the best services to continue working with your insureds. With everything from renewals or cancellations to premium change notifications, you want to provide the best experience for your customers.

Example types of agreements:

  • Renewals 
  • Cancellations 
  • Premium Changes

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