How Financial Services Professionals Use Electronic Signatures Every Day

The financial services industry is increasingly focused on modernizing technology and differentiating from competition to provide better customer experiences. This includes the act of obtaining valid signatures from them. Without good digital experiences, businesses risk customers abandoning agreements or slowing down processes.

It’s no surprise that financial services leaders rank customer digital experience as their number one business challenge and priority investment area in 2022.

Even as many organizations are adopting hybrid work and people are returning to the office, electronic signatures are simpler, easier and more secure than physical signatures. They help reduce errors experienced in manual signing processes and get agreements signed faster. With a complete digital audit trail, your agreements are automatically saved, and can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Whether you are just getting started using your Docusign eSignature account or you’re already a pro, there are many reasons to send an envelope for signature.

Here are the top reasons financial services professionals use electronic signatures:

Account Openings: Your customers will love the ease of use from the beginning of their relationship with your organization, and that they can get a copy of their signed documents sent right to their inbox.

Example types of agreements:

  • Account opening applications
  • Consent forms
  • Terms & Conditions

Lending: You can send many different types of documents, from loan applications and underwriting documents to Broker Contracts and Credit Score Disclosures. Send each form to multiple people to sign, so you can be more efficient and complete documents quicker.

Example types of agreements:

  • Loan applications
  • Underwriting documents
  • Broker contracts
  • Credit score disclosures

Customer Service: Making it easier for the customer is an excellent way to build trust and confidence in your services. eSignature provides a simple way to collect and update customer information, from addresses to beneficiary changes.

Example types of agreements:

  • Update of address
  • Beneficiary changes
  • Terms of Use

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