Getting a Signature Start: More Time in 2018

Each new year, so many of us vow to spend less money. Or hit the gym. Or travel more. Or read more. Yet, 80% of us who begin January 1 with steely resolve slip back into the comfort of routine, no matter our best intentions.

While it differs for everyone, a large reason for failed resolutions are because life simply seeps in. So many of us have our days filled to the brim, and to add another responsibility -- whether it be joining a gym, or book club, or anything else, stresses our already-packed schedules.

However, we consider the Digital Age no better time for ruthless optimism.

While we are fairly certain the tap tap of using Docusign on your device burns a minuscule number of calories, and is by no stretch of the imagination a “new hobby,” it does provide access to one of the most powerful tools we know: time.

How much time? Let’s take a look at some of the numbers: 

84% of Docusign transactions are completed in less than 1 day.  

62% of Docusign transactions are completed in fewer than 60 minutes.

57% of Docusign transactions are completed in fewer than 30 minutes.

51% of Docusign transactions are completed in fewer than 15 minutes.

Which means? One of the greatest thwarters of new year’s resolutions -- a lack of extra time -- can be essentially obliterated with the power of making a digital transformation.

While time saved varies for every company -- and every individual -- many organizations have reduced the average time it takes to reach an agreement by substantial amounts:

Darling Ingredients

Sustainable food, fuel, and feed company

Darling Ingredients reduced their service time from one month to seven days with Docusign.

AAA of Washington


AAA of Washington reduced their contract cycle time by 85% with Docusign.

Farmgirl Flowers


Farmgirl Flowers reduced their costs by over $500 per month with Docusign. 

In general, Docusign helps SMBs outperform the competition by offering an average of 25X faster turnaround time on agreements, 127% average increase in customer satisfaction scores, and an average of 80% of documents completed in a day.

Ready to kick-off a Signature Start in 2018? Click here to learn how you can achieve just that.

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