Getting Digital Employee Onboarding Right

By Connie Wu, Director of Global Business Development, Docusign

Digital onboarding allows you to close candidates fast and create a new-hire experience that feels modern, digital, and easy.  

Companies like Salesforce and ScribeAmerica are using digital onboarding tools to modernize the hiring and employee onboarding process. Here’s what they’re doing. 

Preparing Offer Letters Quicker

It used to take Salesforce recruiting an average of 5 days to prepare an offer letter. Now offer letters are prepared in less than a day.  

Prebuilt offer letter templates are personalized quickly and sent electronically to candidates for review and e-signature.

Electronically Signing Offer Letters

In a tight labor market, you’re competing with larger organizations to recruit the same limited pool of candidates. You have to close candidates fast. You also need to provide a hiring and onboarding experience that meets today’s consumer expectations of fast, digital and easy.  

Salesforce uses Docusign eSignature to prepare and collect electronic signatures on offer letters. Signers can view and electronically sign offer letters from any computer or mobile device. 

Localizing Recruiting

Recruiters at Salesforce, especially in Europe, are often responsible for hiring in multiple countries. As a result, they must contend with offer letters and other agreements in different languages and conflicting legal regulations.  

With the Docusign Agreement Cloud for HR local recruiters enter offer details into Workday, which are automatically pulled into Docusign eSignature. Once the offer letter is signed, any data that is collected from the employee is updated in Workday along with the completed offer letter.  

The transition to a single integrated digital platform for onboarding has allowed the Salesforce talent acquisition team to support rapid growth in headcount on a global scale.  

Four trends are driving the need for digital onboarding, read about them in the whitepaper: HR’s Guide to Digital Hiring and Onboarding 

Eliminating Fax and Mail in Onboarding

ScribeAmerica, is a leading provider of medical scribes to hospitals and medical practices. They had a 40-person HR staff that was manually creating, reviewing and managing all of their onboarding agreements.  

“Employees would fill out an application and fax their I-9 to our corporate office. Then mail the original paper copy to our office,” explains ScribeAmerica’s VP of IT, Daniel Tehrani. “Needless to say, this led to some significant delays in hiring.”  

This manual onboarding process was also prone to human error. And very costly.  

To digitize the onboarding process, Tehrani implemented the Docusign Agreement Cloud for HR. Soon they were managing all candidate application and onboarding documents electronically.  

Now their distributed workforce can complete employment agreements on any device.

Docusign’s Integration with Workday

ScribeAmerica was operating digitally, but with a disconnected agreement process that required the HR team to work across two siloed platforms. “The HR team was copying items out of Docusign eSignature and pasting them into the HR platform,” says Tehrani.  

ScribeAmerica dropped the old HR platform and adopted Workday. Then Tehrani and his team added the Docusign Agreement Cloud’s pre-built integration with Workday.  

Today, data flows automatically between the two platforms, eliminating data entry, ensuring data accuracy and automating manual processes.  

When ScribeAmerica’s recruiting team prepares new employment agreements, Docusign’s integration with Workday allows employee data to automatically flow into Docusign eSignature before the contract is sent out for signatures. Recruiting staff can track the status of any outstanding agreement directly in Workday. Once signed, Docusign automatically sends signed agreements and data back into Workday. 

Integrating systems allows HR staff to complete the entire process within a single platform, saving time and reducing errors. As a result of adopting this solution, Scribe has successfully decreased its HR staff-to-employee ratio. 

Learn more about the Docusign Agreement Cloud for HR

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