Get More Out of Your SharePoint Online Integration with Docusign eSignature

If your business is one of the more than 200,000 organizations of different sizes using SharePoint, integrating with Docusign eSignature can help you connect agreement signing directly to document storage and management. With workflow automation and robust document management functionality, Docusign eSignature for SharePoint helps boost efficiency, reduce manual tasks and accelerate the pace of doing business. 

Boost efficiency

Teams use SharePoint to organize their documents and collaborate, even more so in today’s remote working environment. The Docusign eSignature for SharePoint integration helps streamline workflows and boost efficiency. You can send, sign and store agreements all from SharePoint. 

Forget about downloading documents from SharePoint to your desktop and uploading them to Docusign to be signed electronically. You can now work seamlessly by pulling agreements directly from SharePoint to Docusign. 

With our new status dashboard, you’ll never have to leave SharePoint to view the latest status of your envelopes.

Sign and request signatures for Sharepoint files

Reduce manual tasks

Managing agreements is complex, and many organizations have specific requirements for how documents should be named, stored and formatted. This integration helps organizations reduce manual tasks by conforming to their unique, customized requirements.

Specify signing workflows to route your document to the right people in the order you choose, then configure how documents are stored automatically in SharePoint with custom naming conventions, storage locations and file formats.

Flexible, dynamic parameters simplify file storage

Centralize and streamline management

Docusign eSignature for SharePoint also lets you easily manage administrative controls. Grant access, manage users, streamline compliance and maintain a centralized and secure location for agreements across your organization.

Powerful document management capabilities

Get more value across all your Microsoft solutions

Recently we announced support for Docusign eSignature as an approved electronic signature provider for Approvals in Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Approvals app in Teams allows users to create, manage and share approvals directly from Teams. 

So now you can get real-time notifications on all agreements in Teams, and share approvals with the Approvals app, right from where you are already collaborating.

With integrations across Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, Docusign eSignature is everywhere you want it to be within the world of Microsoft applications. You can send agreements and approvals for e-signature directly from Docusign for Dynamics 365. You can easily prepare and send documents for e-signature using Microsoft applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Outlook. Use the Power Automate integration so you can streamline processes between Docusign and your Microsoft applications. 

Reimagine internal and external workflows with Docusign eSignature for SharePoint

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Written by Melika Ardestani, Associate Product Marketing Manager at Docusign.

Yasamin Yousefi
E-Signature Expert
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