FineMark Spends Less Time on Document Management, More on Customer Service

A modern bank needs to be as mobile and nimble as its clients. For FineMark, that means meeting the diverse needs of everyone from long-term, multi-generational customers to professional athletes. Associate vice president Kim Wargo needed to find a way to create documents, route them to the right people, and finalize contracts in more efficient ways than FineMark’s outdated system could handle. 

Wargo has been a Salesforce user and admin since 2001, so she saw the clear potential in DocuSign’s Salesforce integration. As an IT team of one, she was able to drastically reduce time spent on document generation and increase the bank’s flexibility when clients couldn’t sign documents in-person.

One example of new efficiency is in FineMark’s onboarding document creation, which used to take hours and often contained human errors. With DocuSign, that process is automated within Salesforce and requires a simple click of a button. When multiplied across a client base of more than 200 accounts, the ROI was immediately realized. 

FineMark finally gained control over the entire document lifecycle. Digitizing the agreement process not only cut down on unnecessary paperwork and time-consuming shipping, but it reduced errors and improved FineMark’s relationships with its clients.  

More efficient staff, new client onboarding processes, and more time spent focused on clients rather than on paperwork has allowed FineMark to build from 10 employees managing $55 million in assets to a 200-plus team managing $2.2 billion in just the past decade. 

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