Faster Lending with Docusign and nCino

Nearly 80% of banks agree that COVID-19 has uncovered shortcomings in their institution’s digital capabilities. It is no surprise that given the unforeseen circumstances with the pandemic, many banks had to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives while many others realized that critical customer touch points were still nowhere close to being digital first.

Digital first banks are not only disrupting the banking industry, but their ability to move quickly has given them an edge over traditional banks. In addition to superior customer experience, digital-only banks operate with 70% lower costs in steady state vs. banks with traditional operations.

Paper work and manual processes not only result in hard dollar costs but also cause delays and poor customer experiences. Docusign’s eSignature solution has eliminated unnecessary paperwork across many instances. Now, we are driving the power of eSignature even further by integrating with nCino.

Docusign’s eSignature integration with nCino’s Document Manager tool helps banks automate core lending processes while digitizing agreements resulting in faster lending times and better customer experience.

nCino provides a single end-to-end digital banking platform that helps digitize onboarding, loans and deposits and other key banking processes. As an industry leader in eSignature, Docusign complements nCino’s comprehensive banking solutions.

“Docusign’s eSignature integration provides nCino the speed and flexibility needed for our customers to spend more time on value creating activities, by closing loans quicker. By eliminating tedious, monotonous work for our customers, it allows us to do what we do best: digitally transform financial institutions through innovation, reputation and speed, “ said Petra Sheaffer, Manager of Technology Partners at nCino.

Leveraging robust software APIs, nCino integrates Docusign eSignature with Document Manager and Loan Origination System to empower lenders to seamlessly generate, send, sign, and save loan agreements without ever leaving the Salesforce platform. Pre-tagged documents from certain providers like CSI or Wolters Kluwer makes managing the process even easier.

  • Select documents from Document Manager and design your own workflow for internally routing and sending forms. Add free-form tags, embedded authentication, and attach additional documents and tabs as needed.
  • Capture customized electronic signatures and track the real-time status across all of your Docusign forms.
  • Save completed documents back into Salesforce with full transaction history and audit trails. Options include the ability to retain a Docusign Certificate of Completion, providing full provenance of the transaction during its signing process.

Watch this video to learn more: 

For more complex agreements, nCino also integrates with Docusign CLM (contract lifecycle management) to automate manual tasks and orchestrate complex workflows. nCino certified consulting partners, like Zennify, further collaborate with nCino and Docusign to support lenders with navigating complex implementations. "The Docusign integration with nCino has such a substantial ability to accelerate the banking contract process. It's a great connector, and we've been excited to see it in use as a Docusign partner and a Summit-level Salesforce consulting partner for financial services."

Interested in learning more about Docusign and nCino? Check out our on-demand webinar and solution brief for more information.