A Fast Track Approach to Contract Lifecycle Management

Implementing contract lifecycle management technology (CLM) is an important step in transforming your organization’s system of agreement, but taking the leap into a new way of working can be unnerving.

It’s important to never have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to any software implementation. Many organizations at different stages of agreement transformation can benefit from CLM, whether you’re new to CLM and need a simple build, or you’re looking to start small and use CLM in only one business unit. In this blog, Simplus, a Docusign partner and systems integrator, shares their Fast Track program for getting any business up and running with the CLM implementation that’s right for your needs.

A Fast Track to Contract Lifecycle Management

The Fast Track approach enables organizations to get up and running with simple yet robust contract lifecycle management as efficiently as possible. The approach is based on a pre-built, pre-configured CLM platform that we tailor to your specific use cases, whether you just need basic CLM or more robust features like templates and an integration with Salesforce. In either case, the Fast Track approach helps you get up and running with CLM faster than the typical implementation.

The basic Fast Track implementation helps you get you started with core CLM functionality:

  • An automated workflow model for your agreements, including tasks for contract requestors, legal teams, procurement, other necessary reviewers, and the counterparty (usually either a vendor or client).
  • Digital contract templates, depending on the number of templates needed and the complexities within.
  • Contract repository that sorts and holds all of your contracts into one place.

Each Fast Track implementation is different, based on the intricacies of your pre-existing templates and complexity of your workflows.

Here are some keys to a successful roll-out we’ve learned during our CLM implementations:

  • Strong ownership: It’s helpful to have a dedicated project manager and product manager on your side, which both lead client requests and make UAT a seamless process. This helps us address remediation items quickly.
  • Culture shift: One of the most difficult parts of an implementation is pivoting from how business used to be done to how you want business to be done moving forward, and this needs to be a focus of all parties involved.
  • Constant improvement: It’s important to build upon and refine any implementation over time as the business changes for maximum efficiency.
  • Measure success: After identifying the top-level corporate initiatives like digital transformation, growth or experiences that contracting technology will impact, you can start to quantify and share that impact.

Simplus, a Docusign systems integrator, works with small and medium-sized businesses looking to quickly implement contract lifecycle management technology, as well as larger organizations looking for a more phased approach to CLM.

Learn more about Docusign CLM and the Fast Track approach with Simplus.