Send and Sign with DocuSign eSignature for Google Workspace

Over the past several months, businesses have needed to reimagine customer and employee experiences digitally. That is why we are excited to share an overview of the DocuSign eSignature Add-on available for Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is an integrated set of productivity applications that provides everything your teams need to get work done, all in one place. DocuSign integrates with Google Workspace to make it even easier to send and sign documents like sales contracts, hiring forms or non-disclosure agreements without leaving Gmail or Google Drive.

Google Workspace and DocuSign eSignature

Work anywhere with DocuSign and Google Workspace

A simple user interface maximizes employee satisfaction and productivity. It’s more important than ever to ensure your organization is equipped with the right tools to alleviate any unnecessary stress on overwhelmed employees and customers. 

More than 6 million businesses are using Google Workspace to allow remote and efficient collaboration. With Google Workspace, it doesn’t matter what device you’re on, what browser you use, where you are, or how you’re working—it's easy to collaborate on projects and get work done. 

When agreements are needed to move business forward, the DocuSign eSignature Add-on for Google Workspace offers a flexible solution that just works. We meet customers where they are, in the productivity platforms they currently use, whether that's Drive, Gmail, or Docs. 

Continue to work in the applications you are used to and DocuSign can help you agree faster, no matter where you are. With just a few clicks of the DocuSign integration in Google Workspace, an electronically signed agreement is sent back in seconds.

Maximize time and resources with helpful tools

Millions of people choose and love simple, cloud-based products because they’re easy to learn and use. Today, more than 750,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign to accelerate the process of doing business and to simplify their lives.

Using DocuSign eSignature and Google Workspace together eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications. Users can add email attachments for signature in Gmail or add Drive files directly with the DocuSign eSignature add-on. There is no need for repetitive downloading and uploading—documents can be moved to DocuSign for signature right from Workspace.

Instead of spending time and resources on lengthy back and forth, organizations can improve employee productivity, free up 171 hours per user per year, save an average of $36 per agreement, and receive signed documents faster.

Employee and customer time is more precious than ever. With more time on hand, employees are able to focus more on keeping business moving forward and less on maintaining and managing the agreement process.

Increase security and privacy with an integrated workflow

Boost security, privacy, and efficiency with workflow integrated between eSignature and Google Workspace. DocuSign and Google’s technologies are widely recognized and trusted by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Intelligent tools keep your data and information safe, so teams can focus on important challenges instead of worrying about whether your documents are secure. 

A key benefit of utilizing DocuSign for Google Workspace is that unlike traditional signatures, e-signatures have layers of security and authentication built into them. With a trusted audit trail and proof of transaction, you can guarantee signature security by knowing who’s signed—and who hasn’t. After a signed document is received and ready for storage in Drive, Google Workspace’s security features make sure critical information and data are protected.

Getting started with DocuSign for Google Workspace

To send and sign documents with DocuSign eSignature for Google Workspace, you will need a Google account and a DocuSign account. Signing documents in Google Workspace is always free and easy.

Within minutes, you can sign and send documents for signature from the same place you create, edit, share, and store files. Simply select documents, add recipients, and include a personalized note without ever leaving Google Workspace. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CTO of a large enterprise business, there are many benefits of using DocuSign and Google Workspace together.

The DocuSign eSignature Add-on is available on the Google Workspace Marketplace. If you’re ready to get started, click here for step-by-step instructions on how you can send documents for electronic signature in Drive and Gmail. In the coming months, the DocuSign eSignature for Google Add-on will introduce support for Google Docs so sending will be even faster and easier in Google Workspace.

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Yasamin Yousefi
E-Signature Expert