Dreamforce 2018: Day 3 Recap

Another day down, and just one more to go. We’ve made it through three long days here at Dreamforce and have now completed each of our sessions, most of our customer meetings, and so on. Only one day (okay, more like half a day) of this year’s 170,000-person event to go. Before we get there, we’re going to give you a very quick recap of Day 3.


Each day this week our sessions on the Trailhead with our DocuSign API team or based out of the Customer Success Expo have been off the charts. Today was no different. Will Wiegler, VP, Marketing, DocuSign took the lead on three of our eight sessions today, and rocked them all. He did a fantastic job of discussing the modern System of Agreement and what the smart technology of DocuSign and SpringCM can do for your organization. Want to hear a little from Will? Just click here.

Toward the end of the day we welcomed Geoffrey Moore to host our last session of Dreamforce 2018. He made many great analogies on the modern System of Agreement, but perhaps his best nugget of wisdom was when he kept it simple and straightforward:

He also reminded us of perhaps one of the most important reasons organizations should be adopting modern, efficient systems of agreement: “One of the worst things a CEO can hear is that a customer loves their company, but that customer also says ‘you’re hard to do business with.’ That’s where the System of Agreement comes in. A modern one doesn’t get in the way of a happy customer.” Keep it simple. Ensure it makes sense. Ensure it is automated.

Geoffrey Moore (second from left) with some of DocuSign's finest

Booth Activity

Despite being on Day 3, the demos didn’t stop. The questions kept rolling in. The chatter and the intrigue on how to best use DocuSign + SpringCM and all that comes with it – automation, redlining, never having to leave Salesforce – persisted. And we loved it.

On top of all of that, we kept the trend going and continued to give out some awesome prizes. At our Customer Success Expo booth, Cody from Orange County Government walked away the lucky recipient of a brand new Apple Watch. On the Trailhead, we had two lucky winners of mini 3D printers.

Cody with his brand new Apple Watch

Kevin and Wesley with one of the mini 3D printers they're each taking home

New Advisory Board Members

Today, DocuSign made three incredible and exciting additions to the DocuSign Advisory Board:

  • CJ Anderson, NFL player and Super Bowl Champion (Currently with the Carolina Panthers)
  • Roy Hibbert, Two-Time NBA All-Star
  • Steve Lavin, Legendary NCAA Basketball Coach

Not only are we delighted and honored to have them on board, we were thrilled when they came to this evening’s DocuSign at Dreamforce Happy Hour at the W San Francisco!

L to R: CJ Anderson, Roy Hibbert, Dan Springer (CEO, DocuSign), and Steve Lavin

See you on Day 4!

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