Docusign and Workday: The Story from US Acute Care Solutions

The world of HR today is changing. The talent pool is becoming more global and tech savvy, and candidates expect an online and mobile experience. Because of this, HR organizations are looking to improve the on-boarding experience, increase employee satisfaction, and focus HR staff away from mundane tasks like reconfiguring paperwork. When we launched the Docusign & Workday integration last year, we knew that our joint solution will better help streamline HR processes, reduce turnaround time, and provide end users a much better experience.

Today, we've heard from our customer, US Acute Care Solutions, who implemented the Docusign & Workday integration to improve their onboarding processes. Let's take a look:


US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), based in Canton Ohio, is a leading physician-owned provider of acute care services to more than 200 hospital locations.


USACS has been in its current state since 2015 and the company has more than tripled in size from M&A, and organic growth during that time. Today, USACS employs nearly 2000 physicians with many of them having equity ownership in the company.



As part of this change management, USACS has expanded its Physician Equity Program to further its belief that physician ownership leads to better patient experiences. To manage this effort and employee growth, USACS invested in Workday to streamline business processes. One of the key areas USACS needed to improve was to automate workflows related to completing equity grant acceptances and all associated legal forms by their physician equity owners.



In the early days, it was painfully manual for the USACS legal department. Things were tracked in various spreadsheets, emails, and docs. Each document had to be manually configured with relevant information. The physicians with questions had to call to talk to someone to have questions answered. Coordinating information between the HR and Legal departments was difficult. Delivering documents to the doctors on schedule was particularly challenging. And because signatures were done via paper, it also took a long time to process each candidate because they had to print these equity grant agreements, wet sign, scan or mail them back to USACS. Hence, it typically took two to three months from start to finish to process these forms. The process improved significantly when deploying Docusign for the first time to replace paper documents. However, with the aggressive new growth of the business, challenges grew when managing the process around the legal documents. In addition to the challenges of simply getting the documents to the doctors, retrieving and logging all of the documents in a repository where the doctors could access their personal documents presented significant difficulties. Workday helped with routing the documents to the appropriate persons to take action with the completed documents and to store them in a system that responded to the doctors’ needs.



USACS implemented Docusign for Workday to combat such inefficiencies and help onboard new members and manage equity holders within the Physician Equity Program. While the Docusign integration is only a piece of the entire process, having the ability to use this functionality within our Workday application is what tied the entire process together making it 95% automated with very little manual intervention. Defining and putting together the entire process took many months, but the actual integration was implemented in about 4 – 6 weeks. Our integration includes retrieving a special custom layout so that based on specific USACS Workday information the Equity grant forms load automatically with relevant information for each employee receiving the document. Each document is enabled with Docusign, which is delivered to the physicians in their Workday Inbox. Physicians can then complete and sign the forms all within Workday without having to print, sign, scan, fax, or mail. Plus, they can sign on any form factor including desktop, mobile phones and tablets so important paperwork can be completed anywhere anytime. Completed documents are automatically stored in Workday for recording keeping making tracking and transparency easy for USACS’s legal and finance teams.



• Streamlined the entire process by keeping things 100% digital from start to finish

• Reduced turnaround time from weeks to days or even hours

• Reduced time spent by employees significantly, including significantly reducing attorney time

• Physicians are much happier with a faster system that allows them to view the video with all necessary information

• Reduced call volume to USACS legal department with questions about the equity grant program

• Reduced turnaround time and consistently met deadlines

• Delivered documents to physicians on-schedule rather than weeks or months late, nearly to the day

• Reduced complaints in the process and increased ability to track progress

• No more mailings to the wrong address – no more mailings at all

• Currently USACS looking to expand Docusign for Workday integration to other areas

If you'd like to learn more about this partnership and the solution, please email me at



Connie Wu
Director, Business Development
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