Docusign unveils exciting new innovations at Google Cloud Next ‘19

By Scott Harrison, Sr. Director, SI's and Partners

On the heels of last month’s Docusign Agreement Cloud launch, we are unveiling three new product innovations at Google Cloud Next ‘19 this week.

Over 5 million businesses rely on G Suite to collaborate easier and faster in real time. As a recommended G Suite partner, Docusign shares this vision of helping businesses work faster, simpler and more cost-efficiently, while delivering a better experience for customers and employees. So naturally it made sense to expand our integration of Docusign eSignature and G Suite.

Manage your agreements without leaving G Suite

With the new integration, you will be able to access Docusign eSignature directly in Google Drive. Easily prepare, sign, and manage documents right from Drive. You can also trigger post-agreement actions, like billing, account activation and payments. When released, a user will be able to start by clicking the Docusign logo in the side panel, login, confirm what needs to be signed and by whom, and then send the agreement out for signature.


With our new Google Drive integration, you will be able to:

  • Send and sign documents directly from Google Drive using Docusign
  • Utilize Google Drive add-ons and context cards
  • Save completed and signed documents back to Google Drive

Auto Tagging

Traditionally, Docusign eSignature has relied on manually tagging documents to show customers where to input data and add signatures. Using AI/ML, we are building a system that will easily identify tags by type when a document is uploaded. This saves time and reduces errors in the agreement process and it will give our users next-gen capabilities to compliment our #1 e-signature solution.

The auto tagging feature will allow customers using Docusign eSignature to detect checkboxes and “general” text areas (combining text, date signed, sign here, initial here), and automatically place tags in their expected locations.

Auto-tagging aims to help our customers accelerate the agreement process by automating document processing - helping save time and money by helping customers come to agreement faster.

Auto tagging is currently only available as a limited beta.

Interested in learning more?

Visit us at Next ‘19 and join one of our breakout sessions to see our demos in action!

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