The Docusign Summer Intern Program: Connections, Career Exploration and Learning Opportunities

At Docusign, we strive to provide our interns with a robust Summer Intern Program that creates opportunities for cross-functional connections, mentoring, career-enhancing projects, strong manager engagement, career guidance and a glimpse of what makes Docusign such an amazing place to work. We are deeply committed to delivering on this vision while also providing varied opportunities to work on-site or remotely.

During the 12-weeks, we have two main goals for all interns:

  • Align to Docusign Values: To understand Docusign as a company, showcase the amazing culture that is core to Docusign, and emphasize how we function on a daily basis. How we get things done and what we get done are equally important to us.
  • Career Development: To gain real-world skills and develop individual career goals through the work with their teams and the insights we provide about why our employees thrive at Docusign. 

Onboarding with cohorts

We kick off the summer experience by providing our interns with a warm welcome and onboarding experience designed just for them and their unique needs. Interns join us on specific cohort start dates intended to align with their academic calendars. This helps to create a strong and immediate sense of community, connection and sense of belonging within the cohorts. Focused onboarding provides guidance on daily practicalities, an overview of the summer calendar and also introduces them to their support system of recruiters, mentors, coaches and various employee groups. 

Building deeper relationships

Over the course of their 12-week summer program, interns not only gain valuable work experience, they develop lasting relationships with one another, with their mentors and managers and a cross-section of employees at Docusign. Interns are supported all summer via regular office hours, dedicated slack channels, programmatic support, recruiter check-ins, personalized career coaching, career panels, presentations, professional development blogs and are provided with stipends for technology and event lunches. Docusign interns additionally have the opportunity to join our Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and build impactful relationships within these communities. ERG communities host networking events and group discussions, provide professional development mentorships and raise awareness of relevant topics. 


Despite only having 12 weeks with our interns, we strive to provide them with the benefits of being truly immersed in the company culture with exposure to our business across multiple functional areas. With the deep support of company leadership, we endeavor daily to showcase who we are, what we do and why we do it. We work to showcase why Docusign would be an exceptional place to launch their careers and do the work of their lives.

Experience our culture

We understand that the world of work is changing and working remotely or in a hybrid setting can create a sense of isolation for our global interns. To address this need, we have designed an engaging summer experience to build deeper connections, increase career resilience and showcase why Docusign is a great place to launch their careers. As part of the summer, the University team provides multiple opportunities to engage, connect and have fun including contests, cross-team lunches, success teams, leadership speaker sessions and an end of summer send as they complete their internship with us.

The Docusign University Team is dedicated to hiring, supporting and developing the future leaders of Docusign. We know that by hiring interns and new grads from diverse backgrounds, our company can continue to thrive through their valuable contributions now and into the future. We hope that our summer interns and all new grads will truly consider Docusign as a great place to launch their careers and see us as a company where they can have the opportunity to do the work of their lives.

Interested in doing the work of your life at Docusign? Check out our intern openings.  We’d love to talk more!

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