Docusign eSignature System Requirements

Docusign eSignature works well with most modern computers.


Docusign supports the latest stable release (except where noted) of these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

Note: Prerelease (such as Beta) versions of operating systems and browsers are not supported.

Recommended screen resolution

  • 1024 x 768

Security settings

  • Allow per session cookies
  • User accessing the Internet behind a Proxy Server must enable HTTP 1.1 settings through a proxy connection
  • Firewall settings must allow access to the server: Docusign leverages Akamai as a content delivery service to enhance our application's performance.

PDF reader

  • Acrobat Reader or similar software might be required to view PDF files.
  • Your PDF reader must be able to open PDF 1.5+

Mobile web signing


  • iPhone iOS 13.0+
  • iPad iOS 3.0+
  • iPod touch iOS 3.0+


  • Android 5.0+

Mobile app signing

You can use our mobile app on devices that run one of the following OS versions:

  • Android version 9.0 (API level 28) or later
  • iOS version 15 or later

Docusign Notary remote signing

In addition to the general signing requirements, Docusign Notary remote signing has these specific requirements.

Devices - A laptop, desktop or mobile device with a working camera and microphone. Note: For best results, we recommend notaries and signers use a laptop or desktop device. Signers can optionally use mobile devices.


  • Windows
    • Google Chrome current version
    • Firefox current version
    • Microsoft Edge current version for signers
  • macOS
    • Safari (macOS only) 12 +
    • Google Chrome current version
    • Firefox current version
    • Microsoft Edge current version
  • Note: If you are a Notary using signer held certificates from IdenTrust, Microsoft Edge is currently not supported
  • Mobile devices - signers only; notary users are not supported.
    • Apple iOS 11 +
    • Android 5.0 +

Internet connection

  • User internet access broadband service must support a live, real-time audio and video connection. For best results,we recommend that you hard-wire your device to the internet.
  • We recommend the following minimum internet speeds. Test your internet speed at
    • Upload: 5Mbps
    • Download: 5Mbps

Validate that your system meets all requirements at the Pre-call Test page.