Docusign Customer Awards: Nominations Now Open

Is your team or organization using Docusign solutions to drive transformative change that others can learn from? We’d like to recognize you.

Nominations are now open for our annual Docusign Customer Awards.

The intent of these awards is to celebrate organizations, teams and individuals who have made significant progress in finding smarter, easier and more trusted ways for people to come together and agree.

Submissions are now open and will close February 9, 2024.

Award winners will be announced at Docusign Momentum in April 2024 and recognized globally and across social channels, including in the Docusign Community.

Check out the award categories below and start thinking about your submission.

Docusign Customer Award categories

Digital Transformation

If your story involves revolutionizing the way you do business, this category is where you belong.

Customer Experience Excellence

For those who have redefined customer interactions through a seamless and efficient experience. 

Innovation in Action

If your organization has leveraged Docusign to pioneer new ways of doing business, whether it's through custom applications, integrations, or creative use of our platform, we want to hear your story. 


The IMPACT category celebrates those who use Docusign to drive positive change in their communities, industries, or the world at large.

Change Champions

If you've been a change management champion within your organization, this category recognizes your hard work and dedication in driving innovation from within.

Growth Driver

If you're a small business that has harnessed the power of Docusign to achieve remarkable results in a competitive environment, this is your chance to shine on a global stage.

Preview of the submission form

Nominating yourself, your team, or a colleague is easy — there are only 3 questions: 

1. Which award category do you think is most relevant to your success? 

2. Tell us your story: Share a brief statement that describes your achievements using Docusign to drive value for your organization. Your statement should include the following:

  • What were the challenges that you faced before implementing Docusign, what were you trying to solve?
  • What solution did you implement? How is Docusign part of your solution? 
  • What has the impact been on your organization (e.g., cost savings, time savings, improved customer experience, reduced risk etc.)

3. Quantify the impact: Do you have any quantitative ROI metrics that outline the business impact of your initiative? See How to Measure the Value of eSignature and The Guide to CLM for suggested metrics to measure success. 

4. Docusign Customer Success and Professional Services: (optional)  Did Docusign’s Customer Success team support you for any phase of your rollout, implementation and/or adoption journey? If so, please share a few words about your experience and what role that played in your team’s ultimate success.

5. Supporting Materials: (optional)  Please provide any additional materials that support your nomination, such as case studies, metrics, customer testimonials, or other relevant materials. Time to shine!

See past award winners and other customers who have shared their stories.

Make your Docusign Customer Award nominations today!

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