DocuSign at HIMSS: Digitize the final mile in the payer-provider relationship

By Nisha Pattan, Product Marketing Director, DocuSign

Creating value for patients is a critical competitive advantage for healthcare payers - key takeaways from HIMSS 2019

As the largest gathering of healthcare practitioners and experts, HIMSS is a critical forum to drive dialogue around industry imperatives and to empower professionals to execute on driving change.

The key theme that stood out at this year’s conference was the added focus on meeting patients on their terms. With the advent of easier, intuitive and personalized experiences in other industries like tech and retail, individuals are demanding the same from healthcare. It is no surprise that primarily tech-focused companies like Amazon are now considering disrupting the healthcare market.

For Kirk Ball, vice president and CIO at the Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati, a top HIMSS 2019 priority was evaluating technology that will help blend the needs of his healthcare organization with patient expectations. Ball spent years in the retail industry before becoming a healthcare CIO, prompting the drive to blend his past experiences in consumer behavior with the healthcare setting.

Just a sampling of the traffic at the DocuSign booth

"I'm trying to figure out how to make the experience personal, trying to figure out how to take the experience outside of the four walls to meet people where they are and figure out the best ways to do that," he said. "Eliminating friction for the consumer ... physician and nursing staff using technology ... that's what it's all about."

What does that friction mean in today’s world? While the conference had a lot of conversations around buzzwords like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, payers and providers often falter on digitizing the last mile of agreements. Even today, majority of the agreements related to provider credentialing, member onboarding and claims processing are done on paper. Contracts and agreements are built by manually collating data from various sources, distributed manually for approvals and finally printed, scanned or faxed to the physician or patient.

Even technologically advanced healthcare organizations fail to consider that Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Analytics can only be as effective as the data provided to it. If even a small percentage of the member data is inaccurate or incomplete, the results will be skewed and unreliable.

At DocuSign, we believe creating value for patients is both the ultimate goal and an increasingly critical competitive advantage for health care payers. We have built a robust and secure platform that provides payers the ability to

  • Build seamless digital experiences for both providers and members
  • Quickly turn around contracts and agreements
  • Track where in the approval cycles agreements lie
  • Integrate with key systems of record like Salesforce

CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has been pushing for a digital overhaul of the healthcare system. One of the mandates pushed by CMS has been to eliminate faxes by 2020. With the CMS 2020 mandate fast approaching, you want to start establishing the right systems and solutions. To learn more about how you can digitize key payer-provider interactions to gain operational efficiencies, download our white paper here.

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