Docusign and Salesforce Streamline the Quote to Cash Process Through Expanded Strategic Partnership

Up to 50% of B2B sales are won by the vendor that responds first. Therefore, regardless of whether you are sending a quote, proposal, sales order or a general RFP response, you need to move quickly. In addition to responding quickly, first impressions have a significant impact on whether or not a potential customer decides to do business with you—and we all know you only get one first impression. 

To help you respond first and best to opportunities, Salesforce and Docusign have teamed up to enable our customers to automate the generation of custom, complex quotes. By streamlining key components of the quote to cash process, Docusign and the new Salesforce Revenue Cloud are able to boost the speed, accuracy and efficiency of getting deals done.

“We enable our customers to build complex quotes within our CPQ solution,” says Pascal Yammine, SVP & GM of Salesforce Revenue Cloud. “With Docusign Gen, those quotes can be rendered as well-formatted, signature-ready documents.”

Docusign Gen for Salesforce automates the generation of customized, professional sales documents with a single click, all directly from Salesforce - making it the perfect partner for Salesforce CPQ. Docusign Gen is part of the Docusign Agreement Cloud, a set of integrated applications that help companies automate the entire agreement process, from preparing to signing, acting on and managing agreements. 

Salesforce Revenue Cloud gives businesses the agility to transform the buying experience, accelerate new revenue streams and improve revenue efficiency, across any channel. Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price and Quote) is one of Revenue Cloud’s capabilities. It helps ensure that reps sell the right product combinations, and it also controls discounting and automates approvals.

With Salesforce CPQ, your reps spend more time selling, and your company leaves less money on the table.

  • Configure complex deals. Fast: Create a scalable sales process with guided configuration, built-in pricing approvals and one-click quote generation.
  • Manage recurring revenue: Align quotes with your customers’ needs by automating contract amendments, usage pricing and renewals.
  • Unify sales & finance: Streamline quote to cash by breaking down front and back office silos.

Once the quote is built in Salesforce CPQ, Docusign Gen supports the generation of advanced quotes through:

  • Conditional documents: Automate the inclusion or exclusion of entire documents within a quote based on data such as customer, industry or state. 
  • User driven global formatting: Format currency, date and number fields based on a user’s locale settings.
  • Dynamically sorted, filtered and grouped table. Support complex quote structures such as multi-year subscriptions or customized packages with automated table formatting. 

For customers looking to upgrade from Salesforce CPQ to CPQ+, Docusign’s template conversion tool makes it easy to transfer any existing Salesforce CPQ templates into Docusign Gen templates to avoid any disruption to your business. 

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