Announcing the Docusign 2022 Release 3

In the Docusign 2022 Release 3, we have exciting new product capabilities to help your organizations enable new ways of living and working. Here’s Tanya Faddoul VP of Product Management, to introduce you to a few of them:

Read on for more information on all of the capabilities in this release.

New integrations and features in Docusign eSignature

Docusign eSignature not only lets people conduct business from practically anywhere, it’s also easier, less expensive and more secure than traditional paper-based processes. That’s why we’re thrilled to share the following eSignature enhancements designed to improve the efficiency of signature workflows, deliver an embedded signing experience in the apps you already use and ensure the most secure identity verification processes.

Elevate the signing experience

  • Elastic Signing enables organizations to deliver a personalized signing experience that is fast and seamless. Organizations can provide a fully customizable UI across their websites and mobile apps, display content based on conditional logic, and let users sign with the click of a button for a digital-first experience that drives higher completion. Available November for Enterprise Pro.

Automate and streamline workflows within Microsoft apps

  • Docusign eSignature Power Automate enhancements allow users to automatically trigger an envelope with pre-populated data and send for signature. Now, whether it’s creating a Docusign transaction based on an external event or triggering a downstream action based on a Docusign envelope changing status, you can integrate agreement tasks with clicks, not code, with Microsoft Power Automate. Available now. 
  • Docusign eSignature Teams enhancements allow users to send and sign agreements natively, within Teams. Previously, users would have to leave Teams and go to the Docusign platform to complete the sending/signing workflows. Available now. 
  • Docusign eSignature SharePoint enhancements allow users to pre-populate data from SharePoint Lists into eSignature fields and write data into SharePoint Lists from completed eSignature envelopes. These enhancements further enable customers to connect agreement workflows directly to document storage and management. Available now.

Enhance identity verification for signers and notaries

  • Docusign ID Verification eID enhancements allows UK and France-based signers to prove their identity with new bank and eID methods for fast and secure digital identification that meets ID verification requirements for Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES). Available now. 
  • Digital certificates for Docusign Notary provides new users with digital certificates to attach to each notarial transaction, meeting or exceeding digital certificates requirements for all states. Notaries public will be able to onboard significantly faster than with third-party certificate authorities as well as save on certificate fees. Available December for US only.

Simplify real estate transactions with an all-in-one solution

  • Docusign eSignature for Real Estate enhancements allow agents to access the latest association forms with pre-placed fields and auto-fill capabilities to quickly prepare, sign and organize forms in a single place—saving time and accelerating deals. Available November.

Streamline the patient and staff experience for patient-facing forms

  • Healthcare fields for patient forms is a Docusign eSignature enhancement that improves the forms filling and creation experience for health and life sciences organizations and takes into account the HL7 FHIR R4 standards. Once an envelope is completed with this enhancement, all future forms can automatically pre-populate with previously provided basic patient data, eliminating the need for patients to repeatedly fill out the same information. Staff experience is also streamlined: they can use out-of-the-box custom fields specifically built for healthcare to create new templates more quickly and easily. Available November for Business Pro & Enterprise Pro in the US only.

New integrations and features in Docusign CLM 

Connect and automate your agreement process with contract lifecycle management and document generation innovations. We’re excited to share the following Docusign CLM enhancements designed to increase usability, reportability and visibility for our customers. 

Accelerate internal review and analyze workflows

  • Docusign CLM Essentials document review allows users to speed up the internal review process with a more user-friendly experience. This document review experience provides a new interface, with a modern look and feel, that's easy to navigate and is better optimized for desktop and mobile. This experience is more accessible than before as it allows users with visual impairments to navigate using their keyboard and have text, actions and comments within the document translated into speech using their device’s screen reader. Available early December.
  • Docusign CLM Essentials process reporting allows admins to analyze the efficiency of their workflow processes and quickly identify bottlenecks. Report data shows how long workflows and the steps within take to complete, so admins can make improvements as needed. They can also recognize delays at the individual-level for fast action and resolution. Available early December. 

Increase contract visibility

  • Docusign CLM auto-renewals reporting provides users with improved insights regarding contract renewal types and notice periods, helping users to determine when to take action to terminate or let a contract auto-renew. The new agreements approaching renewal report helps customers better understand auto-renewals by giving greater visibility into items such as termination date (i.e., the last date a contract can be terminated before it auto-renews), renewal date, and expiration date. Available November. 

Want to learn more? Register for our Docusign 2022 Release 3 webinar hosted by Docusign’s Chief Product Officer, Jerome Levadoux.

Will Spendlove
VP, Product & Partner Marketing