SMS Delivery Update

Docusign eSignature envelopes can now be delivered via email, email and SMS, and SMS only.

Plus, your templates can specify email delivery for recipients, and your API application can update the recipients to use email and SMS, or SMS only, when your application sends the envelope. This feature enables more flexible applications and use cases.

For general information on SMS delivery, see the administrator documentation.

SMS feature permission

Some of the examples described below use Docusign eSignature features that may not be enabled in your developer account. To have a feature enabled, open a case with Docusign Support. Best practice: Use the Support Portal to log in with your production (not developer) Docusign credentials; or, use the general web form on the Get Support page. Use the Docusign API Integration Support option at the bottom of the page. Remember to include your developer account ID with your request to enable a feature on your account.

Live examples

We’ve created examples for these new SMS features in the new API Request Builder application. You can use the app to try out the examples live. (When you open an example, any needed templates will be uploaded to your account with the name prefix API Req Builder.) The API Request Builder also shows how to use the examples with the Docusign C#, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby SDKs.

Email and SMS delivery: A recipient can be set to use both email and SMS for delivery of the invitation to the signing ceremony. Live example.

SMS delivery: New! Recipients can now be set to use only an SMS number for delivery of the signing notification. Live example

For SMS only, use the following JSON:

"signers": [
          "name": "Signer Name",
          "recipientId": "1",
          "deliveryMethod": "SMS",
          "phoneNumber": {
            "countryCode": "1",
            "number": "2125551212"
          "tabs": …

Update a template role to use Email and SMS delivery: When your application is sending a template-based envelope, the application can set a template role to use email and SMS. Live example.

Update a template role to use SMS-only delivery: When your application is sending a template-based envelope, the application can set a template role to use SMS only. Live example.


Docusign enables late binding for recipients’ delivery techniques. This is an important feature, enabling your application to flexibly set envelope recipients’ delivery options when the envelope is sent.

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Larry Kluger
Larry Kluger
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