Our newest sample app: MyRealEstate is now available!

MyRealEstate sample app

I’m excited to share our newest sample app, MyRealEstate, which models customer relationship management for real estate brokers and agents. This app offers these functions:

  1. Create a lead. A lead contains your customer contact information and can fill the role of buyer or seller. To create a lead, you must provide a name, email, and phone number. MyRealEstate sample app: Create a lead
  2. Create transactions. Transactions must be attached to a lead. They contain information about the property to be bought or sold and contact information for the agents, buyers, and sellers involved in the transaction. To create a transaction, you must provide the name of the property, the role (buyer/seller) of the associated lead, and the address. The app constructs the transaction by creating a room using the Docusign Rooms API. MyRealEstate sample app: Create a new transaction
  3. View and update transactions. After creating one or more transactions, you can view either the last transaction created for a lead by clicking view transaction, or all transactions you have created in your office on the transactions page. From the transaction view, you can edit the transaction details such as price, square footage, contact details, and more. These are updated in the Docusign room using the Rooms API. MyRealEstate sample app: View a transaction   MyRealEstate sample app: Update a transaction

MyRealEstate is built using a Node Express server on the back end and React on the front end. It is hosted on Linux servers that run the Node web server. 

Make sure to check out the MyRealEstate sample app or try out the source code for yourself on GitHub to start exploring how you can integrate the Docusign Rooms API in a real estate context.

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 Karissa Jacobsen
Karissa Jacobsen
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