Our first ever sample app using the Apex Toolkit: MyFinance

MyFinance home page

I’m excited to announce our newest sample app: MyFinance! Built using the Apex Toolkit, MyFinance demonstrates two real-life banking scenarios: applying for a loan and requesting a wire transfer. 

MyFinance is our first sample app to showcase our integration with Salesforce. It is built in a Salesforce Community on a Force.com site. The front end uses custom Salesforce components, and the back end leverages our Apex Toolkit to make calls to the Docusign eSignature API. The front end for MyFinance was built using the Experience Builder in Salesforce.

To access the application, you will need to register as a member of our Salesforce Community. You can create an account through the signup portal shown in the image below. MyFinance will automatically supply your account with the Docusign Sender permission that is needed to use Docusign with Salesforce. 

MyFinance login

In both scenarios, the user will input some information about themselves and their desired transaction in a form like the one shown in the image below. The information entered in that form will be used to populate the tabs on a document inside a Docusign envelope. The envelope originates from a template in the Docusign Apps Launcher in Salesforce. MyFinance uses embedded signing to direct the user to sign the document, and then redirects them to the MyFinance application. 

MyFinance data entry form

You can find the source code for MyFinance on GitHub. Feel free to clone the code and try it out in your own Salesforce Communities. And don’t forget to check out our other Docusign sample apps as well.

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Paige Rossi
Paige Rossi
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