New ACG embedded signing example Quickstart

Since we introduced it two years ago, the Docusign Quickstart wizard has quickly become the easiest way to get started working with our APIs. Choose your favorite programming language and, in just a few clicks, Quickstart will give you a working project, preconfigured to work with your developer account and with full authentication and example code. We have now expanded Quickstart to provide a new and simple option for getting started: the Authorization Code Grant embedded signing example web project.

This project provides only the minimum necessary code needed to implement Authorization Code Grant (ACG) authentication and a sample embedded signing workflow that shows how to use the access token that your app gets after authenticating. Because of this, this quickstart is perfect for using as a learning tool to see how authentication is implemented or as a basis for creating your own ACG-based app. 

To download the new Quickstart project type, open the Quickstart page in our Developer Center and follow the prompts to log in, set a name for your project, and choose your programming language. Next, you’ll be asked to choose a project type. Select Authorization Code Grant embedded signing example, choose Next, then download the project from the next screen.

Selecting the new Auth Code Grant Quickstart signing example

Just like the original Quickstart, the wizard will automatically create and configure a new integration in your developer account for the new app that you just created; there are no manual setup steps. 

Once you’ve downloaded your project, you can unzip and run it to see the authentication and example workflow in action or use its code for your own testing or development. See the Configuration and Setup section of our Quickstart Overview page for specific instructions on how to run the Quickstart for each programming language.

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Cameron Loewen
Cameron Loewen
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