London's calling! Yes, we will be there, too

London's Calling 2021

London's Calling returns for its sixth consecutive year, and second year as a virtual event. London’s Calling is a community-led event for Salesforce professionals with over 400 in-person attendees in the past and now 8000 virtual attendees. It is a full-day event that you do not want to miss, with multiple tracks of content and some of the best keynote speakers! Register at the event website. The best part of all is that this is organized, run, and delivered by people like you: people from within the Salesforce community. 

The event has multiple tracks: Admins, Developers,  Architect, Consultants, and Business users. Salesforce professionals from all over the world are attending and speaking.

We are delighted to be an ENGAGEMENT SPONSOR for this amazing event and we cannot wait to speak to all of you! Be sure to check out the Sponsor area and chat with us about how you are using Docusign, how you can get started, and how you can make your processes more efficient. We’re always eager to get fellow devs off on the right foot, so don’t be shy about stopping by and speaking up. We will show you all the cool features of eSignature for Salesforce, talk about our Apex ToolKit and answer your burning questions about Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and help you get the best out of your Docusign for Salesforce integration.

And if you’re interested in getting Docusign training or, even better, becoming a Docusign specialist, we will guide you on your way with Docusign University, discover different learning paths, and maybe get you going on Docusign for Salesforce self-paced courses within the Docusign University Learning Portal.  

While I am at the event I am hoping to attend some sessions. Here are some sessions I am really looking forward to:

  • Getting Started with External Services

    External Services provide a great way to make an API call in a flow, or in Apex, without writing code. This session will be an introduction to external services, covering when we should use them and why, and will also include a demo showing how to use both external APIs and standard/custom Salesforce APIs with external services.

  • What Flow And JavaScript Can Teach You About Apex

    Do you write a lot of repetitive Apex? Do you write JavaScript, then come back and find Apex clunky? Does one node of Flow look neater than a dozen lines of Apex? Then maybe it’s time to start transferring some new ideas back to Apex. Using software patterns in Apex can allow us to pass around strategies in the same way as we might pass around functions in JavaScript. Iterating on streams of data can free us from for loops like Flow does. Let’s rethink Apex!

  • Turn it up to 11 – Improving the Performance of Your Apex Code

    You’ve been working hard on your code, delivering lots of business value and amazing automations, and when it goes through testing, you discover that it is slower than you wanted. What do you do? How do you measure the performance of your code? How do you improve it? How do you prevent this in the future? Get answers to all these questions and practical ideas you can work with straight away.

Until then (and always), we invite you to check out these Docusign Developer resources:

Lauren Bolopue
Lead Product Evangelist
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