Developer Spotlight: Vadym Harkusha, Ceridian

Developer Spotlight:  Vadym Harkusha, Ceridian

Vadym Harkusha completed his software engineering technology program in Canada after spending a few years studying computer science at National Aviation University in Ukraine. He started his career as a QA analyst at Rakuten Kobo and quickly transitioned into software development, where his passion lies. These days, Vadym is working on improving the employee onboarding experience at Ceridian.

E-signing is an essential feature of the employee onboarding experience because, as a manager or HR representative, you want to conveniently assign forms and make sure all the workflows are respected. Vadym and his team have worked on integrating the Docusign Templates feature, supported by OAuth 2.0 authentication, into the Dayforce HCM system. Using the Docusign eSignature REST API enabled them to build convenient flows in which managers or HRs can do minimum work and streamline such processes as assigning repetitive recipients, populating employee-specific data on the forms, and tracking form submissions for further analysis. The flexibility of Docusign APIs and debugging tools has made the development process easy. 

When away from work, Vadym enjoys doing road bike trips and exploring new places with his wife. You can reach Vadym on LinkedIn.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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