Developer Spotlight: Pedro Airton

Spotlight Developer, Pedro Airton

Pedro Airton has been an analyst and developer for thirty years. Starting his career with structural languages, Pedro transitioned to functional languages and then finally object-oriented languages, more precisely with Java. In this thirty-year trajectory as an Analyst/Developer, and in some companies acting as consultant or project manager, he has developed several features for projects of national and international relevance in the most diverse areas of business and services in Brazil, such as the medical, financial, retail and e-commerce, and legal sectors. At the moment, Pedro works as a freelancer on a non-formal work basis.

Among Pedro’s recent projects is one for Embraer, a leading diversified aviation company based in Brazil. For this project, Pedro chose to adopt the Docusign eSignature REST API as a tool for signing relevant documents for the company. In the process, he enriched his knowledge of integrating various Docusign APIs, including PowerForms, the Envelopes API, and others, with third-party systems.

In his leisure time, Pedro really likes watching films and podcasts about science and technology and when he has time, he really likes reading. In addition to these activities, Pedro practices some sports such as cycling and football (soccer). You can reach Pedro on LinkedIn.


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