Developer Spotlight: Naveed Ahmed, Amaka

Spotlight Developer, Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed is a language-agnostic developer and technophile. He began working in the digital industry over 15 years ago, starting in network management before moving to web development. After helping multiple startups scale up and validate their products in the market, he joined the team at Amaka and now oversees a range of areas including DevOps, project workflow, and system architecture. As the Chief Technology Officer, Naveed leads a global team and is passionate about building digital solutions that deliver great results through automation and customer satisfaction.

As CTO, Naveed oversaw the development team that created Amaka’s Xero + Docusign integration. Building their integration in Python using the Docusign Python SDK on a digital platform of Redis, SQL Server and Google Cloud, Naveed’s team (project manager Ágata Zamunér, developers Artur Jurkiewicz and Tiago Calogero, solution architect Maciej Król, and test analyst Fernando Kowarik) created an integration that uses OAuth 2.0 authentication with both the Xero Accounting API and the Docusign eSignature REST API to synchronize status changes in Xero accounting documents with workflows that route those documents through Docusign for electronic signatures, detecting signature status and returning documents by means of the Docusign Connect webhook service. Once a user creates an initial configuration for the Amaka integration, it runs perpetually with no need for further input from the user. Through this project, Amaka became a Docusign partner as well.

In his free time, Naveed enjoys exploring parks with his 18-month-old son and watching (and rewatching) movies, his favorites being the greatest films from Hitchcock, Capra, and Lumet.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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