Developer Spotlight: Khushbu Hasija, J P Morgan Chase & Co

Spotlight Developer, Khushbu Hasija

Khushbu Hasija grew up in India and received her engineering degree in Information Technology from Mumbai University in 2021. During the course of her education, she was introduced to many programming languages, such as C++, Java, and Python, and created many academic and personal projects. Her main interests lie in software development and UI/UX design.

After finishing her degree and before joining her team at JP Morgan Chase, Khushbu discovered the Docusign Good Code Hackathon. Since the team she was going to join worked closely with APIs and she had no prior exposure to it, she thought this hackathon would be the perfect way to understand how APIs work and also get a head start before joining the new team.

JP Morgan Chase organizes Code For Good hackathons where students from all across the globe come together to create working prototypes for the NPOs that approach the company. Then these innovative ideas are transformed into working solutions through JP Morgan’s Force for Good program. It was here where she got to work for the nonprofit organization UMEED. UMEED empowers women from low-income communities in Hyderabad, India by providing them life skills that enable them to take control of their lives. 

Khushbu’s project focuses on creating a functionality that automates the manual process of creating an approval receipt, which is then handed to a manager for approval. Thus, workers are provided with a digital platform that enables them to log their weekly progress, and the managers can check on the progress and approve the request receipts in the form of an e-signed document. The Docusign eSignature REST API makes this process seamless, as it allows you to send an approval receipt over email, which can then be signed directly online. The functionality provided by this API helped this organization's goals to reduce the time it takes for the women to log their work and get approvals.

When she’s not working, Khushbu enjoys spending time with her friends and going to flute classes with them. Khushbu also likes to invest time into the Google UX certification course to upskill herself in her area of interest. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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