Developer Spotlight: Jason Morton, Orion Advisor Solutions

Spotlight Developer, Jason Morton

Jason Morton began his career as a laptop tech, working at a consulting firm for Union Pacific; experimenting with Visual Basic in his spare time enabled him to acquire the programming skills to switch to a developer role at the company. In a career spanning over 20 years, Jason began working on desktop applications, but transitioned into a full-time web developer. In his current role, he is a lead developer for Orion Advisor Solutions, which specializes in software to assist financial advisors in helping their clients to manage money.

Orion’s software, Element, is used by financial advisors to manage financial accounts for their clients. Element uses the Docusign eSignature REST API to integrate with Docusign to assist financial advisors with forms needed to manage their clients’ accounts. A financial advisor sets up an account with Docusign, uploads forms (for example, a New Account form for TD Ameritrade), and then gives Element access to that Docusign account. Then, when setting up a client with a financial account, the financial advisor uses Element to gather the data needed to open the account. After all the necessary data has been entered, it’s sent to Docusign and merged with the forms needed to open the account. Docusign adds those forms to an envelope to be signed by all necessary signers (usually the financial advisor and the client). The signing can be done in person, to save time, or emailed to all signers. If done in person, Docusign calls Element back after each signer signs so that Orion can provide the financial advisor with a status update.

When he’s not thinking of clever ways to integrate with Docusign, Jason likes to spend his free time with his family or coaching youth football. He is also an aspiring chef and has done a couple of catering events.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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