Developer Spotlight: Galen Li, Enable Us

Spotlight Developer, Galen Li

Galen Li, Chief Product Officer at Enable Us, holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a bachelor’s in computer science from UC Berkeley. He has 15 years of product management experience, and is in his third company as head of product. Having worked across multiple industries including travel, games, edtech, wellness, and SaaS, Galen has a passion for delivering delightful user experiences to customers. 

Enable Us aims to do for B2B purchases what Amazon did for consumer purchases. That means making the B2B buying experience more efficient, transparent, and personal for buyers and sellers. Enable Us helps its customers close deals faster with an all-in-one seller and buyer enablement platform that combines a traditional sales content management system with digital sales rooms, mutual action plans, in-depth seller and buyer insights, and more. 

Since digital sales rooms contain all relevant content and next steps for buyers to make a purchasing decision, there was a desire from sellers to include eSignatures in the rooms to have everything in one place for the buyer. The Enable Us Docusign integration allows salespeople to find, select, and add a Docusign envelope to any digital sales room on the Enable Us Platform. Only the assigned signers of the envelope can then access and complete it from the digital sales room. Upon completion, the signers can view and download the completed envelope.  From the Enable Us Platform, buyers and sellers can view the status and progress of Docusign envelopes, providing complete transparency to everyone. This seamless experience was made possible by leveraging the Docusign eSignature REST API.

Outside of work, Galen enjoys hanging out with his wife and two sons, traveling, and playing basketball. You can reach Galen on LinkedIn

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