Developer Spotlight: Austin Boren, NetDocuments

Spotlight Developer, Austin Boren

Austin Boren is a recent software engineering graduate from Utah Valley University and is working at his first engineering position for NetDocuments, where he also completed an internship. Austin originally intended to major in graphic design during college, but took a programming class as an elective and the rest is history. Austin has a passion for learning new technologies and utilizing them to solve complex engineering problems.

NetDocuments offers a cloud-based document and email management platform. The company wanted a solution that enables users to send Docusign envelopes and see the status of those envelopes from within NetDocuments. By using both the Docusign eSignature REST API and the Docusign Connect webhook service, Austin and his team accomplished this by requesting event notifications for changes in the status of the envelope itself (completed, voided, etc.) as well as relevant recipient events (sent, delivered, etc.). Their solution takes data from Connect webhooks and displays information to the user in NetDocuments about the overall status of the envelope as well as the status of individual recipients. When an envelope is completed, the Base64-signed document data contained in the webhooks is uploaded to the NetDocuments platform, along with metadata about the recipients of those documents so that users can refer to it later if needed.

When away from work, Austin enjoys working on his own programming projects, weightlifting, and learning the guitar. You can reach Austin on LinkedIn.

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Matthew Lusher
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