Developer Spotlight: Abhijeet Singh Manuwal, Siyana Info Solutions

Spotlight Developer, Abhijeet Singh Manuwal

Abhijeet Singh Manuwal is a Software Engineer and a passionate tech enthusiast who likes to explore different technologies and use them to provide solutions for people. He started his journey as a virtual intern at Bright Network Internship Experience UK 2021. In his remote internship, he interacted virtually with many companies (Bright Network, Amazon, Google, Vodafone, Citrix, PA Consulting, EY Technology) and their employees from all over the world, and gained insights about how huge companies build efficient solutions. Following that internship, he started working as a Web Developer specializing in Microsoft Power Platform technologies (Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI) at a start-up, Siyana Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., beginning in December 2021. Abhijeet has built several apps for the client Mitaja Corporation as well as for Siyana’s internal use. Some of the applications are Contract, Training, Inventory, HR and Payroll Management Systems. Building business applications is his forte. Currently he works at Siyana with his team for their client, Mitaja.

For Mitaja, Abhijeet and his team developed a Contract Management System that uses Docusign API calls to send a contract in an envelope, automating the contract sending process in bulk using Power Platform technologies and the Docusign eSignature REST API. Mitaja’s previous system used Docusign envelopes with template roles; however, their process had changed, and they needed to validate the recipient’s identity before sending the contract. Abhijeet initially struggled to implement identity verification with template roles in the envelope definition. However, queries to Stack Overflow and LinkedIn elicited responses from Inbar Gazit of Docusign; with his help and the Docusign developer documentation, Abhijeet recreated the JSON using composite templates with a Power Automate custom connector. The team used the Docusign eSignature API with OAuth 2.0 authentication in Power Automate. It works smoothly and seamlessly with the least amount of manual effort, making it possible for Mitaja and its users to digitally sign their documents. Although this is Abhijeet’s most recent experience with Docusign APIs, he has also used its APIs in other projects as well, such as Training and HR Management systems. As of now, he is using various Docusign eSignature REST API endpoints to build more software solutions.

When he’s not working, Abhijeet gets intrigued by learning new languages and frameworks such as Python, JavaScript, Flutter, Node.js, and more. He’s fascinated with advances in AI and Cloud Computing and wants to learn more about them. Aside from computing, Abhijeet is really focused on fitness, running and calisthenics contribute to achieving his fitness goals. Abhijeet has run 10km races for NGOs such as WaterAid India, Child Welfare by 4Memories, the Adani Ahmedabad 10K Marathon and the TCS 10K Marathon. Some of his other hobbies are swimming, listening to music, playing video games, bike riding, and exploring the world. And last, Abhijeet maintains the right balance between his professional and personal lives by molding his personality in a holistic manner. You can find Abhijeet on LinkedIn.


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