Developer Spotlight: Alaa Sarhan, Wikimedia Deutschland E.V

Alaa Sarhan is an engineering graduate in Information Systems and Software Engineering. He has been a fullstack developer since 2008, and has worked with many employers and agencies in various industries and markets. He recently switched his focus towards free and open-source software and projects by joining Wikimedia Deutschland, a nonprofit organization that is a sister to Wikimedia Foundation and the organization behind the Wikidata project, the global free and open-structured data ecosystem.


Docusign was Alaa’s team’s choice for enabling digital signatures integration at, a contract negotiation software-as-a-service. Docusign’s flexible, well- documented and well-designed solution enabled Alaa’s team to provide their customers with a complete drafting-to-signing experience entirely online, and empowered them to support complicated signing and negotiation flows as the customers needed them to be, while keeping the integration layer rather simple. Alaa’s team used both embedded sending and embedded signing features, and allowed users to use their own Docusign accounts through Docusign OAuth authentication, for which Alaa developed and maintains a PHP client provider.

Alaa lives in Germany, and when he’s not busy developing for Wikimedia Deutschland, he enjoys product development, physics and cooking. You can contact him at his personal website,, or on keybase.


If you have deployed solutions using the Docusign eSignature API and you’d like to be considered for a future Developer Spotlight, please send me an email to with information about your solution and a bio.

Tony Mann
Tony Mann
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