Change is Good. The DocuSign Adoption Kit Also Makes it Easy.

Want to accelerate your business by making the transition to digital? DocuSign's Adoption Kit will help you make the leap simply and successfully. 

Making the digital leap has proven, immediate benefits: increased revenue, greater efficiency, and happier customers. It’s no wonder businesses are giving paper the boot with increasing frequency. But let’s be honest: Change -- even for the better -- is sometimes met with apprehension. After all, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it -- right?

Introducing DocuSign to your business or organization may raise an eyebrow or two -- simply because habits are comfortable. We get that. So we decided to do something about it.

In order to help you get the word out to your fellow employees about the benefits of transitioning to digital, we’ve developed a complimentary DocuSign Adoption Kit, available to any DocuSign customer via download from the Knowledge Market. It’s one of the many adoption best practices documents we’ve created to help you successfully make the transition to digital.

Here are the resources you’ll receive in the DocuSign Adoption Kit, all of which are designed so you can customize to your needs:

Email Templates: These three introductory templates give users a quick background regarding their upcoming DocuSign Agreement Cloud deployment. Each email covers how your company is using the Agreement Cloud, how users can benefit and who to contact for more information

Quick Reference Guides: We recommend sending these "cheat sheets" to all of your end-users so they have a referenceable document on our DocuSign eSignature basics.

Self-Service Training Module: Since every company’s needs are different, we’ve included a flexible training deck starter kit.

DocuSign Brand Assets: Use the official DocuSign logos, banner images and web tiles on your company intranet, in internal emails or whenever you want to make a company-wide online announcement or reminder.

So there you have it. Old habits may die hard, but new ones don’t have to be difficult to start. If you’re ready to make the digital leap and increase your organization’s efficiency and revenue -- all while sparing employees the grim fate of shuffling paper -- the DocuSign Agreement Cloud is for you. And the DocuSign Adoption Kit makes it even simpler to help your organization get started.

The Adoption Kit is now available in 7 Languages:

 - DocuSign Adoption Kit - US English

 - DocuSign Intro-Kit - Deutsche

 - Kit de Adaptación de DocuSign - Español

 - Kit d'Adoption DocuSign - Français

 - DocuSignソリューション導入ガイド

 - Kit de Adoção do DocuSign - Português do Brasil

 - DocuSign Adoption Kit - British English

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