Administration at Docusign 

Docusign believes governance and ease of control are the foundation of administration. We want to further empower you to transform and digitize your workflows to help you achieve your business objectives. At Docusign, governance and ease of control are established by focusing on these core principles:

  • Visibility
  • Auditability
  • Performance t scale
  • Ease of use
  • Integration
  • Granular control
  • Centralized management

We've listened to you and understand the importance of investing in administrative capabilities to help you grow with Docusign. On June 6th, we made the first step of many towards building an administrative powerhouse with the release of Organization Administration. Organization Administration is a new powerful management infrastructure giving you the administrative tools needed to efficiently and effectively govern your company's use of Docusign, starting with centralized user management with domain based user management and self-serve Single Sign-On configuration.

Centralized user management 

Docusign's Organization Administration pivots how users are managed across Docusign. No longer are users managed account by account. A user is now the focal point of management and when combined with reserved domains, you have greater visibility and manageability of how your company users interact with Docusign. Search for a user and obtain information regarding that user including language preference, security log in policy and all their account memberships and associated permission sets and groups. Admins of Organization Administration can directly manage a user from one location and gain confidence through knowledge of which accounts that user has access to and their security policies. They can also update users from this centralized view and have the changes migrated across all account memberships.

Domain-based user management 

Combine centralized user management with the power of reserved domains and you gain a unique view and manageability opportunities of domain based users. Do you want to know which of your corporate users have access to Docusign? Through reserved domains and centralized user management, you have visibility into every corporate user that has a Docusign account. You have the ability to control which account the user signs and sends from by default and you can change their email address. This grants you additional knowledge and the power to secure your company's use of Docusign.

Self-service identity management 

Identity management is essential for securing how your company employees gain access to Docusign. Previously, some of the configuration requirements to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) required the involvement of Docusign but with the release of Organization Administration, you can now create, configure and manage all your identity management needs including the ability to define which account and permission set is used for just-in-time provisioning.

Centralized user management and self-service identity management are just the beginning of Docusign's investment in advanced administrative tools for Organization Administration. We believe building a foundation of governance and ease of control are essential for empowering you to get your job done and we are excited about Organization Administration and our plans for the future.

Next up for Organization Administration 

  • Audit logs for all events that occur at the organization: track every event that occurs from the organization with the organization audit logs.
  • Public APIs: leverage Organization Administration functionality via public APIs.
  • Bulk user management: manage your users utilizing bulk actions via csv to add and edit users.

We look forward to working with you to continue to evolve the tools you need to better manage and secure your Docusign needs. Organization Administration is available now. Contact us to gain further information.

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