Accelerating the Agreement Process for Small Businesses

The agreement process for small businesses is full of friction due to manual and time-consuming processes, resulting in profit-eroding inefficiencies. That’s why we’re working to simplify and digitally automate the agreement process of new business growth. The Docusign Agreement Cloud™ helps organizations automate and connect the entire agreement process—allowing business to be done faster with less risk, lower costs, and better experiences for customers, partners, and employees.

Acquiring new customers is one of the greatest growth challenges faced by small businesses, regardless of whether you are self-employed or have a sales team of 10 employees. Sales quotes and estimates can be incredibly time consuming to prepare: a recent study on sales effectiveness found that nearly two-thirds of sales peoples’ time is spent on non revenue-generating activities.  Eliminating unnecessary administration is critical to taking your business from surviving to thriving.

One of our favorite new products included in the Docusign Agreement Cloud is Docusign Gen for Salesforce. Gen has been purpose-built for small businesses so they come to agreement more quickly with customers by digitally transforming the agreement preparation process. Reps can seamlessly merge in data from Salesforce records. Rather than re-keying information already in other systems or using outdated templates, your team can create polished sales agreements with just a few clicks and focus on closing deals quickly.

After using Docusign Gen for Salesforce to generate your agreement, the Docusign Agreement Cloud also accelerates signatures and even payments.  Imagine sending a sales quote to a customer in minutes and them receiving, signing and paying the deposit all from their mobile device. There’s no need to fax or email quotes and sales orders, chasing them via phone and email while worrying about the accuracy of the quotes. When you transform your system of agreement with the Docusign Agreement Cloud, limited resources can be invested in sales rather than administration.

Modernizing your system of agreement will reduce inefficiencies, drive growth, and offer peace of mind. Spend more time growing your sales and less time estimating and chasing signatures. To learn more about automating your agreement process call us today at 1 (877) 720‑2040.  

The Docusign Agreement Cloud has the most comprehensive applications, integrations, and platform technologies for digitally transforming the entire agreement process—anchored by Docusign eSignature, the world’s #1 way to sign electronically. The Docusign Agreement Cloud includes 350+ integrations with the systems where you already work, including Salesforce, Google and Microsoft,  designed to speed up the agreement process.