7 Ways DocuSign Can Help K-12 Schools Do More with Less

The technological landscape is changing for K-12 schools. With higher expectations from parents, students, teachers, staff and partners, and limited resources to meet these changing needs, K-12 schools are looking for a way to make the most of their technology investments.

DocuSign has helped many schools transition from paper to digital agreements, saving time and money. Transforming paper-based processes helps K-12s offer a better experience for students and families, while making staff more efficient.

Here are 7 ways K-12 schools can accelerate key processes with DocuSign.

  1. Enrollment forms. Make joining your school easy and paper-free. Accelerate form completion and reduce the staff time spent hunting down missing paperwork or signatures.
  2. Permission slips. Teachers spend time chasing down paper, and parents are annoyed with email back and forth. Make it simple to collect and track permission.
  3. Hiring and onboarding. From offer letters to direct deposit forms, the hiring and onboarding process involves a lot of paperwork. Provide a seamless, digital experience for new and returning teachers so they can get to work faster.
  4. Procurement contracts and purchase orders. Working with multiple vendors to keep your school clean and supplied can be time consuming. Improve your ordering processes with digital signatures and document tracking.
  5. Student forms. From health records releases to absence forms and report card sign off, moving student forms online makes the signing process easier and reduces staff time on paperwork.
  6. Payments. Accept payment for field trips, school uniform deposits and more with a process that makes payment a breeze for parents, and improves your school’s ability to collect the right amount without errors.
  7. Special education forms. Dealing with multiple stakeholders inside and outside the school for 504 plans, IEPs, and other critical documentation is time-consuming and painful for all involved and creates regulatory burden and risk. Improve the end-to-end process digitally with electronic signatures, document generation and management, and a complete audit trail.

K-12 schools that implement digital agreement processes see these benefits:

Better student outcomes and experience. Teachers spend more time teaching, less time dealing with paperwork.

More efficient staff. Staff can be more efficient when they don’t spend hours chasing down documents and signatures.

Happier parents. Busy parents live in a fast-paced world and have high expectations for digital experiences. Offer a streamlined way for them to interact with your school for agreements from admissions to health records to permission slips.

Secure and compliant data. Keep student data safe and FERPA and COPPA compliant. Automate document retention and keep records both safe and accessible from anywhere.