7 Tips For Starting A Remote Internship

This blog was contributed by Marina Martinez-Sanchez, summer 2021 product marketing intern.

I never imagined my first professional work experience would take place from my home. Nevertheless, working as an intern on the Docusign Product Marketing team has taught me some valuable lessons in getting started at a new job, staying connected to peers and completing tasks while working remotely.

My experience at Docusign began with signing my onboarding forms using our own product, eSignature. I was able to sign the job offer from my iPhone which made the process faster and it gave me my first glimpse into how our products make work easier. Next, I attended a virtual onboarding where I was able to meet fellow new hires and join relevant Slack channels, which was a great way to stay connected with my peers.

Here's what else I've learned from my remote internship experience - hopefully some of these points will help prepare you for yours!

1. Set office hours and define your home workspace

Setting office hours can help you avoid overworking & remind you to take regular breaks. Having your own workspace will help set the tone and help you avoid distractions.

2. Dress up for work

As tempting as it is to stay in pajamas, putting work attire on (even shoes!) has helped create a more clear transition to work.

3. Start networking early and often and schedule regular check-ins

Ask your manager for a list of people you should talk to. When you meet those people, ask them who you should talk to. Schedule virtual coffee breaks with colleagues to learn more about them and their role.

4. Document projects and achievements

Make sure to document any projects or achievements throughout your internship. This will help you when updating your resume, future interviewing or talking with your manager about potential conversion to a full time position.

5. Attend virtual events

Attending virtual events is a great way to stay connected with your colleagues and meet new people. In addition, Docusign’s employee resource groups were a great opportunity to connect with Docusign employees on non-work related topics.

6. Reach out to other teams to work on projects

Start a list of skills you have and skills you’d like to learn and work with your manager for help reaching out to other teams on specific projects. Working on projects outside of your team is a great way to network with colleagues and to get more experience under your belt.

7. Ask for feedback often

Consistent feedback can help improve your performance, keep you informed on how you’re doing and give you an opportunity to provide feedback or ask questions too.

Going into my remote internship, I was a bit nervous about missing out on the experience of being in the office and meeting people in person. However, I soon learned that Docusign is an inclusive organization that supports flexible work hours, virtual events, diverse employee resource groups and collaboration across teams. My time here helped me gain strong connections and professional experience for future remote or in-person roles.

To learn more about the internships and career opportunities at Docusign, visit the Docusign Careers site or follow @Docusign on Instagram where we share more about our organization’s culture.

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