Modernize Your Customer Experience With Low-Risk Technologies

Today’s customers ask a lot from businesses: they expect them to understand their needs, their shopping preferences and how they like to communicate. Delivering on those can be a challenge, with only 31 percent of marketers feeling as if they’re meeting those expectations. 

Although you can’t please everyone, one surefire way to improve your customer experience is by modernizing your agreement processes. In this blog, we’ll explore how the right technologies can help.

1. Service contracts 

In a recent Salesforce study, nearly 90 percent of customers said their experience with a company was as important as the products or services they were buying. The statistic—which is the highest it’s ever been—is important to keep in mind when approaching the agreement process.

If your business is providing a service, the first way to serve your customers is by swapping out paper agreements with digitized systems that make it easier to sign, track and store contracts.

Sunrun, the leading residential solar company in the US, often enters into long term solar contracts with customers, so the ability to deliver superior service is critical to maintaining a good relationship. As the company scaled, they needed to deliver more convenient service to customers and operate more efficiently.

They chose Docusign eSignature to enable a more streamlined contracting process that was transparent to the customer and saved time getting contracts executed.

“We want to be the guide to take the customer through a 25-year relationship,” says Suriya Gurumurthy, Sr. Director of CRM Engineering at Sunrun. “Docusign plays a critical role in that process.”

As you can imagine, fast contracting doesn’t just benefit businesses—it also benefits customers who are no longer in the dark about where the contract stands.

2. Finance agreements 

Australian auto finance and loan company Driva is another example of how Docusign customers can utilize our tools to streamline the financial agreement process. From day one, Driva has taken a “digital-first” approach supported by Docusign solutions. The company first deployed Docusign eSignature to collect signatures on loan agreements. When business rapidly increased, Driva implemented Docusign Click to further improve the customer experience by simplifying acceptance of Terms and Conditions during the loan application process. Docusign enables Driva to continue offering a seamless digital customer experience while growing its revenue at a much faster rate than its headcount, offering a truly self-serve experience using a broad suite of Docusign products.

3. Repairs

When you have a nice watch that needs repairs, you go to a jeweler. But you’re not going to leave your $10,000 watch there without documentation that outlines the cost of repairs and the timeline. Using a paper-based workflow for this process is time-consuming and can lead to incomplete information and lost papers—not the type of experience a high-end jewelry store wants to deliver.

One global jewelry brand transformed this customer experience by moving to digital. Not only are in-store estimates easier to process, customers can fill out the information and get a repair estimate online, reducing the time spent at drop off significantly. It also ensures customers sign repair contracts prior to work beginning, so everyone is clear on the process.

4. Installations

Prior to digitizing their agreement process, installations at a leading residential solar company often required multiple visits to a customer’s home, plenty of manual inputting and the back-and-forth mailing of hardcopy documents. The antiquated system doesn’t mesh well with customers, who in a recent study listed a lack of effectiveness, speed and accuracy as their greatest pain points.

Those troubles became a thing of the past for the solar company and their customers. Digital contracting systems allow them to build and sign the quote online, eliminating the need for inconvenient visits, the risk of lost-in-transit contracts and the potential for delays.

5. Memberships

We all have good intentions when we sign up for a gym membership, but those fitness plans frequently get lost in the shuffle of work and personal obligations. Whether your gym customer is looking to cancel or renew their membership, it’s important to ensure they have the capability to do it remotely and with little effort.

You can automate your contract renewal process, so reminders are sent via email, and members can renew or cancel online, streamlining the process for everyone and giving managers full visibility into turnovers and upsell opportunities.

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