4 Ways To Use Docusign as a Student

Today’s college students have grown up in a fully digital age: Most have never known a life without a mobile device in hand, communicating via text, and the ability to watch any film at a moment’s notice.

Yet even in the digital age, traditional paperwork can crop up at any time -- from loan applications to internship offer letters to leases for an off-campus apartment. While printing, scanning, faxing, and mailing these documents creates unnecessary work for anyone, the inefficiencies of paper can be especially jarring for a tech-centric student with a full course load.

Thankfully, paper-shuffling, stamps, envelopes, signing with pen and paper, waiting (and waiting some more) are simply non-issues for Docusign users. 

So what are the top 4 use cases of how students use Docusign today:

Starting a new internship or part-time job: Are you a Marketing major who nabbed a dream internship? Recent biology graduate who landed a research position? With Docusign, offer letters, W4s, and any other documents that require a signature can be signed and sent instantaneously from your mobile device.

Extra perk: Rest assured documents signed with Docusign aren’t just more efficient and cost-effective, they’re legally enforceable and meet the requirements of the U.S. ESIGN Act.

Applying for financial aid: Applying for financial aid for the first time can be daunting. Thankfully, electronically signing these forms significantly cuts back on the lag time between sending an application and receiving a response.

Extra perk: Any info you provide in your application is safe and secure. Docusign has world-class security and unparalleled availability so Docusign is there when you need us.

Study off-campus: Are you moving into a Victorian three-story with eight of your closest friends a few blocks away from campus? Getting your very own studio? Putting an offer on your first house? With Docusign, students and recent grads can sign and send closing documents, home repair contracts, lease agreements, and more.

Extra perk: On-edge about whether you’ll be approved for that absolutely perfect, has-to-be-yours apartment? Statistically speaking, with Docusign you’ll have an answer, on average, 13.5 days sooner than with traditional paper processes.

Wisdom teeth and yearly physicals: While nothing can fully remove the tedium of a doctor’s visit, having a Docusign account means you can instantly sign and send health history forms, medical releases, patient privacy notices, new patient registration forms, and insurance forms in just a few moments.

Extra perk: Have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow AM and realize you forgot to mail in your medical release? With Docusign you can sign from virtually any device -- which means you can pull up the release on your smartphone and send it in without ever leaving your bed.

While we at Docusign believe in making paperwork dramatically simpler and more cost-effective, we find the possibilities of what can be done with all that saved time even more valuable. For students, cutting back on the unnecessarily time-consuming act of filling out paper documents doesn’t just alleviate stress, it provides time for what truly matters: classes, homework, work study, friends, family and hobbies.

We want to help all universities and colleges around the nation go fully digital.

Sign up for a free Docusign trial account to get started.

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