DocuSign cybersecurity centre of excellence

With the proliferation of cyberattacks continuing to grow every day, it‘s essential to stay ahead of these challenges and mitigate any risk. This is exactly what we’re doing at our CyberSecurity Centre of Excellence in Dublin. The centre focuses on research into attacks and trends, continually develops tools for the detection of threats, and examines security orchestration and automation.

We know our customers are committed to undertaking the digital transformation journey with us, a journey that’s built on a strong foundation of trust, the latest cybersecurity intelligence, and a culture of constant innovation.


Pescatore: A real-time URL classification system for SOCs

Phishing is a form of identity theft where cybercriminals build webpages that impersonate well-known websites (in part or whole) with the goal to steal sensitive information, such as usernames/passwords and credit card details. An effective weapon for combating these phishing attempts is automating the URL classification process.

Pescatore (fisherman in Italian) is a real-time proprietary URL classifier developed by DocuSign that helps our security operations team mitigate phishing attacks in an automated fashion. It extracts all vital information and features from an email and, within a minute, automatically classifies the URLs as phishing or clean, using machine learning algorithms and other methods. By automating URL classification, it’s possible to track threat actors and phishing kits and proactively block new malicious URLs.

Industry recognition

Pescatore was recognized as an honoree of the 2019 CSO50 Award from IDG's CSO. This prestigious honor is bestowed upon a select group of organizations that have demonstrated their security projects or initiatives have created outstanding business value and thought leadership for their companies. The awards are scored according to a uniform set of criteria by a panel of judges that includes security leaders and industry experts.

Learn more about Pescatore and the CSO50 Awards in our blog: Pescatore: A real-time URL classification system for SOCs.