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White Paper

The Total Economic Impact™ of DocuSign CLM

Agreements touch almost every part of an organization. However, the dispersed nature of contract processes makes it difficult for an organization to generate a comprehensive understanding of value. That complexity means most companies don’t have an accurate understanding of all the ways they can benefit from automating contract processes.

To research the cumulative effect of a modern contract lifecycle management tool, DocuSign commissioned a Total Economic Impact™ study from Forrester Consulting. In this study, current DocuSign CLM customers detail the ways their workflows have improved and the direct results of those changes. Overall, customer interviews and financial analysis found that a composite organization using DocuSign CLM experiences an ROI of 356% with significant savings from reducing:

  • Contract process time and cost

  • Risk of exposure

  • Reliance on outside legal/consulting services

  • Agreement error rate

Read the entire study to learn more about the incredibly wide range of benefits across sales, legal and procurement teams from utilizing DocuSign’s cloud-based CLM solution.