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White Paper

Building the Practice of the Future

Every delay – from patient scheduling to intake forms to compliance paperwork – saps critical resources from the bottom line. It’s no coincidence that providers are turning to the digitization of patient agreements and paperwork to win both the wars on COVID-19 and on provider profitability. Digitizing agreements and paperwork allows patients, providers and healthcare systems to achieve several key outcomes that benefit every party both today and in the future.

Today, a touchless patient experience reduces the potential transmission of illnesses, including COVID-19, and allows patients to access much-needed care in a virtual setting. Extending into the future, digital agreement and intake forms significantly reduce costs and improve margins while delivering improvements to employee experience and patient satisfaction.

Read this eBook from DocuSign and Fierce Healthcare to learn more about how providers who digitize agreements and paperwork:

  • Reduce costs in a volatile healthcare economy

  • Improve both employee and patient satisfaction

  • Adapt for the touchless future of modern healthcare