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On-Demand Webinar

How Small and Medium Size Businesses are Thriving in a Time of Change

Small and medium size businesses are the engine of the economy, but they are also the first ones to experience hardships when economic challenges arise. Labour shortages, supply chain disruptions, and increased cost of goods are all factors making it challenging for businesses to sustain profitable growth in the current environment. Despite all these challenges, there are companies that are adapting with digital innovations, turning challenges into opportunities, and succeeding.

Watch now to hear from Mallissa Vourakis, Partnerships & Business Development Manager at Odin Business Lending. Mallissa shares hands-on experience in adapting, thriving, and building resilience during challenging times. 

You will learn:

  • How small and medium size businesses are streamlining processes through digital transformations to get ahead of their competition, win with customers and navigate economic challenges

  • See a demo of how Odin Business Lending is using DocuSign eSignature to provide small businesses with fast funds

  • Understand the business benefits Odin Business Lending is realising with DocuSign eSignature to make their business more efficient and provide their employees and customers with an easier, faster, more professional and secure way to complete and sign documents