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DocuSign Release 2, 2023

Explore the latest DocuSign product innovations and make your process of agreeing smarter, easier and more trusted.

For our second product release of 2023, we’re introducing several innovations with a special focus on increasing trust and security.

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A collage of DocuSign products featuring DocuSign Identify, DocuSign Admin Tools, DocuSign Gen for Salesforce and more

Announcing: DocuSign Release 2, 2023

Bolster trust and security

Teams want to keep customers’ trust with a reliable digital agreement workflow that increases security and decreases risk. 

For situations in which agreements may need deeper identity verification, we are giving you the option to build in additional layers of security. But it’s not only about the workflows themselves. Our customers also need to track overall activity and safeguard agreements.

  • A phone screen showing DocuSign ID Verification liveness detection prompts

    Liveness detection for ID Verification

    Enhance signer verification by applying AI-enabled liveness checks to the identity verification process to make sure your signers are who you expect them to be and that their identity documents are genuine.

  • A dashboard tracking unauthorized events over the last 90 days

    Monitor enhancements

    Secure your agreements with a free version of DocuSign Monitor, which gives eSignature customers round-the-clock activity tracking for the most common security alerts and events. Customers that have purchased DocuSign Monitor for eSignature can now also get credential leak alerting, IP safelists and automated actions to enhance security. Plus, use Monitor for CLM to proactively protect your CLM agreement data and prevent unwanted risks.

Enable great digital experiences

When you leverage data, you drive your business forward faster. You also deliver a superior digital experience to your customers and employees.

A new hire information form in DocuSign Web Forms

Web Forms reporting enhancements

Unlock data through rich reporting and analytics in Docusign Web Forms. You’ll now be able to generate reports and powerful data visualizations to uncover actionable insights and drive data-based decisions.

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Accelerate time to value

We want to make the process of agreeing easier for all parties involved. The easier it is to agree, the more streamlined and faster agreement processes are, resulting in an accelerated time to value. An important piece of this is allowing actions to take place in the applications people use every day.

  •  A screen in DocuSign Gen for Salesforce prompting a user to add data fields to Word documents

    Gen for Salesforce document generation enhancements

    Increase speed and usability with a more efficient generation and signature experience in DocuSign Gen for Salesforce by giving users the ability to generate documents and send for signature in a single click.

  • Icons showing multiple forms of currency

    Gen for Salesforce currency and locale enhancements

    Enable flexible document generation for multi-currency Salesforce orgs with streamlined currency and locale preferences in DocuSign Gen for Salesforce. 

Streamline operations

Processes that make reaching agreement easier streamline operations by increasing visibility and speed to signature. Convenient, digital agreement experiences are what your customers and employees expect today.

  • A document with enhanced comments in DocuSign CLM

    Enhanced comments for Docusign CLM

    Reach consensus faster and improve collaboration with enhanced comments in Docusign CLM. Collaborate with stakeholders in real time and assign workflow tasks within agreements to speed up the review and negotiation process.

  • A screen showing enhanced details for a document in DocuSign CLM

    Enhanced document review for DocuSign CLM

    And accelerate internal review with a modernized document review experience in DocuSign CLM. Increase productivity with a simplified user interface, enable users to review agreements from desktop and mobile, and get recommended workflow actions to move faster.

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Read the release notes for more details. Additional release notes coming soon.

  • Liveness detection for ID Verification

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